Microsoft today announced that a few more games will leave the Xbox Game Pass catalog, the Xbox game subscription service. Among them are the two Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and other minor titles.

The process of removing games from the catalog is common, as the library is rotating and new games are always added. However, from time to time there are also losses. Below you can see the six games that will leave the Game Pass until the end of the month:

  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
  • Comic Jumper
  • Ms. Splosion Man
  • Mega Man Legacy Collection
  • MotoGP 17

It is worth remembering that, if the player wishes to buy any of these games, by the end of May they will have a discount of up to 20%, something standard of Xbox Game Pass games. Despite the absence of six games, the Game Pass still has 231 titles for you to enjoy for R $ 29.90 per month.

And then, you’ll miss the Star Wars in the Game Pass

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