In Respawn’s action adventure Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order with Dark Souls impact, there are many dangerous opponents and a few tough bosses. However, four special monsters, the legendary beasts , stand out in particular. They protect stim containers or particularly rich power echoes , spend tons of experience points and have a trophy or achievement ready for you if you defeat them all. Unfortunately, you won’t find any of these legendary beasts on the direct solution path, but only on secondary paths. Here you can find out where to meet them and how to defeat them.

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Oggdo Boggdo

This three-eyed giant toad is a cousin of the normal Oggdos that you can find in abundance on the planet Bogano. She also lives on Bogano and is located in the area “Bogdo Dolinen”. You enter this area when you have crossed Bogano for the first time and are about to get back to the mantid landing site. As you are probably happy at this point are to leave the first exertions behind you and take a deep breath, you can quickly miss the whereabouts of the mean monster, even though you only walk a few meters past it.

Oggdo Boggdo is located in a hole in the interior of the Bogdo sinkhole plateau. You can reach this hole in two ways, but only one way is really useful – namely a jump from above into the hole.

By jumping into the hole you can start the fight against this special boss opponent with a fall attack. To do this, jump directly in front of the boss and press the attack button before landing (it will also appear as a tooltip on the screen). The fall attack already takes away some of the life force of the monster. How much depends on the chosen difficulty level.

Oggdo Boggdo is much stronger and tougher than normal Oggdos, but your combat strategy is similar to that of the normal specimens. In plain language: Avoid direct confrontations. You can only block his attacks, not parry them, and blocking only works as long as you have stamina. Given the strength of the toad, it tends to decline quickly.

So rather attack the toad from the side. Circling her when she jumps right in front of you and repeatedly start with single heavy strokes. Avoid long combos. Also use the Force Slow to slow down their actions. This only works for a few seconds and disappears with the first hit of your lightsaber, but prevents you from being caught off guard by a sudden change of position.

Above all, do not let the long tongue of the monster wrap you up, otherwise you will end up in the mouth of the toad, which costs a lot of life force. Use the evade button in good time (circle button on PS4, B button on Xbox / PC). If you double-press the dodge button, Cal will roll over, which will give you even more space.

Care should be taken when the toad is glowing red. This heralds one of their unblockable attacks. This can be a quick fall forward, or a particularly hard tongue snap. You should avoid both variants by actively avoiding them.

Immediately after an unblockable attack, Oggdo Boggdo is particularly susceptible to counterattacks because the toad has to rest for a while. It is best to slow them down immediately after your evasive maneuver and attack them immediately. You should not allow yourself more than two or three sword strokes per offensive, as the toad recovers quickly, turns around and in turn begins to counterattack. Patience is a virtue, especially with this opponent.

Albino Wyyyschokk

The giant spider Albino Wyyyschokk is located on the planet Kashyyyk. Your territory is in the “Imperial Refinery” area, behind the main building when you get back into the open air. Your loyal army of lesser spiders will attack you (and the stormtroopers who are up to mischief there) as early as the first muddy forest area which you can find behind the refinery near the sewage treatment plant. However, you have to challenge the great leader, who is one of the four legendary beasts, inside a cave that lies behind the forest opening.

There are three entrances to this cave, but only two are directly accessible. First: A narrow gap in the left corner of the open forest clearing by the sewage treatment plant. Squeezing your way through this gap is the best option because you have the element of surprise on your side. You may even be able to start the fight with a fall attack. This is not certain, however, as the large spider never spawns in the same place in the cave. Above all, it is important that no other spider is around. You’ll already have enough on your neck with the boss spider.

The more awkward way is to simply step into the large black cave at the end of the forest opening. That brings you straight into the cave of the albino Wyyyschokk, but also straight into his clutches. The monstrous monster will most likely take you by surprise from behind. But this also has certain advantages, because this is the only way to ensure that no other spider lingers in the cave and defends its queen.

Strategically you have to proceed similarly to the normal Wyyyschokks. As with most wild animals, frontal attacks are not recommended. She blocks most sword strokes if they come straight from the front. Albino Wyyyschokk also threatens to spin you if you stop in front of her, which makes Cal immobile for a few seconds. Then you are literally found food. You can block her frontal mouth attacks, but not parry them.

The delicate piece of the giant spider is its rear part. If you catch her from the side or from behind and if possible use the power slowdown beforehand, there is a good chance that you will knock her out of a safe position with the shifted weight. This gives you the opportunity to land three or four hits in a combo. After that, you should gain distance and re-coordinate your defense.

Beware of her jump attack (which she sometimes advertises as an unblockable attack). No matter where the spider lands after the jump, it starts damned fast to attack with its front legs, which can knock Cal off his feet.

When that happens, you will see a tooltip with a button that you should quickly pound in to free yourself from the spider’s grip. It is better not to get into this situation in the first place. If possible, keep moving and circling the spider. Keeping her in focus mode at all times saves you from looking for her during quick evasive maneuvers. In addition, this way you can reach your bottom better, even if the spider turns with it. One or the other single stroke of the sword can sit there

The angry Jotaz

Jotaz monsters can all be found on Zeffo. A particularly aggressive specimen is called “Angry Jotaz” and is one of the four legendary beasts. It is located in an optional side area called “Broken Wings”. You can reach it from the “Crash Site” area if you climb up on a piece of wreckage to the left of the lake and switch off an energy barrier by hacking the BD-1 into the associated terminal. Then you just have to push through a narrow gap between the machine parts to get into a turbine room, the turbine of which has a damaged wing. There the lonely Jotaz walks senselessly in circles. No wonder he’s angry, how is he supposed to get out of there?

It is time to put an end to his misery. This monster is one of the few copies in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order that can be defeated by “Cheesen.” You just have to be fast enough to do it.

Cheese strategy angry Jotaz 1 :

As soon as you enter the turbine room, the angry Jotaz will notice you. However, he cannot rush towards you because the turbine mount in the middle of the room prevents him from doing so. This will give you enough time to look for a small opening with a climbing wall on the side of the room. Climb up quickly before the angry Jotaz catches you and waits for him to calm down – out of sight, out of mind. Then sneak up on him from behind and jump onto him from the edge of the turbine. At the last moment before landing, press the attack button to launch a fall attack. That costs him a whole chunk of life force. How much depends on the chosen difficulty level.

You can repeat this action over and over again. Just don’t leave the room or lose sight of it, or it will recover. After a few falls you have him on the ground without bending Cal a hair.

Cheese strategy angry Jotaz 2:

On one side of the room is a broken armored door. If you use the Force to push them open, you can find shelter in a tunnel and, with good timing, dash forward from time to time to paint him a sword or two on his stomach. This is a real scaredy strategy, but it works … to a certain extent. The angry Jotaz should land one or the other hit with you because the timing is difficult to estimate.

The normal strategy

If you want to defeat him in the normal way, you can use the central bracket of the turbine. The angry Jotaz is damn quick and his arms have more reach than meets the eye, but he’s a bit dodgy when things change. Lures him to one side of the turbine stand, but then quickly switches to the other side and kicks him in the back.

Short, fast waves of attack are better than long combos, because if the angry Jotaz strikes, grass no longer grows on the spot. Whenever he starts a combo, he lashes out two or three times. You can’t block as fast as he can do it for you, especially since you can’t block more than two of his hard hits before you run out of breath. Never underestimate the reach of his arms.
Keeping your distance is therefore the alpha and omega of this opponent. When you approach him, you have to be sure that you can give him a swipe or two unscathed, which only works if you catch him from behind. If he turns around, then leave everything and use an evasive roll backwards to gain distance as quickly as possible. His unblockable attack can get you so hard that you give up the spoon immediately – especially in the higher levels of difficulty.

Nydak Alpha

By far the most dangerous of the four legendary beasts is called Nydak Alpha. This is not surprising, because even the lower Nydaks of the planet Dathomir will tear you apart if you are not careful. You can find Nydak Alpha in the area “Nightmare Ruins” on Dathomir, but you have to take an alternative detour to the grave in order to meet the monster. Instead of simply walking straight ahead into the tomb behind the “deceptive dam”, you have to turn right .

Nydak Alpha is a ruthless opponent that you face in a relatively small area. You have room to dodge, but it’s not much with his range of motion. In any case, when the monster starts a punch combo, you don’t have much to laugh about. Nydak Alpha is fast, strong and agile. He bites into his attacks so much that he even does wild pirouettes and sometimes loses his balance. This monster is so wild that it can even defeat you when it is actually already dead, because the moment it loses its last life force, it starts a final after-death attack. So don’t feel safe when the fight seems to be over.

So the biggest mistake you can make is being too aggressive. Remain passive, watch and let the Nydak Alpha attack. Dodges, blocks as rarely as possible (Cal can take a maximum of three hits) and waits for one of the rare moments when Nydak Alpha falls on his stomach out of sheer fury. You have to use this brief moment for your own attack with a maximum of two or three sword strokes.

As soon as Nydak Alpha lights up red, you have to move to the side, because one can hardly speak of an announcement of his unblockable attack. He glows for the blink of an eye before leaping forward and extending one of his arms for a hook. But then he has to take a short breather – this is the chance to hit a counterattack. You can get away with at least a swipe or two with the sword.
Otherwise you have to remain passive. You can throw your sword at him from a distance every now and then, but since it costs power and you do not deal continuous blows that bring you power back, this is not a panacea. Using the Force to slow it down does not help either, because the effect is too short to last. But that brief slowdown can sometimes tip the scales.