This year, we certainly can’t get to know a whole new chapter in the Star Wars universe, the High Republic era.

The High Republic encompasses an era within the Star Wars franchise that takes place two hundred years before the first Star Wars movie in chronological order, the Ominous Shadows, an era of roughly peace in the Galactic Society and a kind of Jedi. they play a law enforcement role in border areas. Selected creators will make sure to add brand new novels and comics to the official canon, but rather read the Chicken The High Republic brochure and character presentation if you’re curious about all the details (in fact, a summary video will help you get in the picture).

Lucasfilm’s original plans were for the first The High Republic content to arrive as early as this year, but the coronavirus epidemic also dragged through their calculations, so all three previously announced projects have moved to 2021, according to the official announcement.

It is a pleasure to receive them as early as the beginning of the new year: for the novel Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule and Justina Ireland’s book The Test of Courage, those interested have to wait until 5 January 2021, while the young-adult category-targeted Into the Dark arrives on February 2, 2021, written by Claudia Gray. For the time being, these are only English dates, we cannot provide information about the Hungarian editions yet.

Changes to Marvel’s comic book series and The High Republic Adventures, branded by IDW Publishing, will only be announced at a later date.

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