Apparently, he managed to confirm what Mark Hamill accidentally muttered: the next Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer could arrive during a break from a football game.

On December 14, nearly two and a half months later, the next part of the new Star Wars trilogy will be on canvas. Disney doesn’t go beyond marketing, but it really doesn’t have to; we’re talking about a Star Wars movie, millions would have watched it if it had only been talked about once.

It would be nice to see something, and we will soon. Mark Hamill posted and then quickly deleted a tweet mentioning the October 9 Football game on October 9th. A fan wrote to her that last week would have been perfect for presenting a trailer, and she replied, “Watch Monday Night Football on Monday, October 9th – just so, there’s no specific reason why.”

He later tried to knock that he was just kidding, but a SWNN source confirmed that they would indeed be presenting the preview during the Vikings and Bears match. The match will be broadcast by ESPN, also part of Disney, and since it’s an NFL, the audience won’t be neglected either.

As it gets posted on the net, we’ll post it as well, probably at dawn on October 10th due to a time lag.

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