Starcraft: Ghost would be a third-person shooter from Blizzard along with Nihilistic Software (and later Swingin’Ape) that ended up being canceled. But this weekend, thanks to what appears to be a leaked development version, the game has resurfaced yet again.

The project was under development between 2002 and 2006, but apart from the official material released at the time, the title was completely forgotten. Andrew Borman, a game preservationist, published several screenshots of the leak, clarifying later that it was obtained from “various Xbox groups”.

Who would have thought a month ago that Starcraft Ghost would leak in some form?

– Andrew Borman (@ Borman18) February 16, 2020

Since then, several gameplay videos have appeared on YouTube, which were later removed. Only one remains in the air, the video by Delso Bezerra.

According to Kotaku, the recording actually came from a development version that can be played on modified Xbox consoles.

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