Startup Boost is the solution that Microsoft will implement to make Edge start faster on your computer

Microsoft continues to work on improving its new Edge browser to make it a valid alternative that can stand up to the two great dominators, Chrome and Firefox, and incidentally that can attract users unhappy in its day with Internet Explorer and later with the primitive HTML-based Edge.

And the truth is that the impressions related to the new browser based on Chromium are very good and more and more people are opting for this solution on their computers. This adoption is the result of the constant improvements that are coming from Microsoft, a optimization that will be increased with a function such as Startup Boost with which Edge will speed up the boot process.

A faster Edge

With this new system that Microsoft already works on, Edge starts up in less time when executing some browser processes in the background while Windows 10 starts. Part of the workload would already be executed when we click to open a link, for example.

The that part of these functions start in the background When booting Windows 10 it can be something that, in more modest computers, affects a less optimized startup of the operating system and perhaps this is the reason why Startup Boost is a function that can be activated or deactivated by the user in the configuration of System.

Eo yeah, apparently these processes would have a low priority, so that the impact on the performance of the equipment should not be perceptible on our part every time we turn on the computer.

This new feature must get to all three development versions first (Canary, Dev and Beta) available for Edge, to later make the jump to the stable version. For now, there is no confirmed release date.

Let’s remember that it is not the first function that they try to make Edge a faster browser and so a few days ago we learned about the Sleeping Tabs tool, which allowed freeze tabs that we don’t use so that the computer consumes less RAM memory.