Steam Festival: Marshmallows, the alternative to Among Us and Puma-Power – The Multiplayer

A festival without the crowds, long queues and priceless expensive burgers that don’t even taste particularly good – that would be it! At the Steam Festival, the sales platform will be transformed into a real demo paradise that will spoil you alone in your cozy gamer’s corner with live broadcasts and test versions of many new titles. If you don’t want to experience this spectacle alone, you can get a few friends, because there are again a few interesting multiplayer titles that are just waiting to shake up your happy Discord round a little or to give your irrepressible urge for destroyed opponents a room give. But don’t take too long, Steam is only in demo fever until February 9th at 7:00 p.m. So that you can spend the time playing games rather than browsing, we have selected some promising multiplayer candidates for you.

Great buckyball tournament

Do you fancy a little team sport in the living room? With the Buckyball Torunament you get a Rocket League without cars, but with seven characters, each with a special ultimate. In a cyberpunk future not too distant (perhaps in the year 2077), the new Supersport Buckeyball is the adrenaline rush for anyone for whom a normal football is clearly too small. With physical tricks and your special skills you compete online against other buckyball players and prove your perfect ball control in the arena. A match lasts six minutes, so it’s perfect for a small round in between, be it alone or with friends. Strategy and speed are required in this competitive game. If you are looking for a cozy game night, you should take a look at the next recommendations.

A display helps you to put a physically clean shot into the opposing goal.

Play Super Buckyball Tournament on Steam

Republic of Jungle

The king of the jungle is a … cougar? In this deduction game you act as President Pumas 5 to 10 ?? loyal ?? Employees who, in the course of the round, have to ensure that confidential state information is leaked to the media. President Puma’s team consists of two groups, the loyalists and the leakers. Puma and its loyal supporters have to try to find the leaks in the team before they can get involved in too many important tasks. Using a voting system, the loyalists can select the alleged leaker from the task team. Of course there is a lot of lying, laughing and being exposed. Inspired by the Jackbox party games and Among us’s deduction approach, this title looks really promising. Perfect for the digital game night!

As in Jackbox, you have to connect your smartphone to the game.

Play Republic of Jungle on Steam

Drive Buy

Have you ever been upset because the Amazon parcel was delivered late? You can do everything better now – and above all better than your competition! Get a delivery mission and deliver a hot street race with your friends to be the first to press your finger on your customer’s bell. You can collect power-ups in the well-known Mario manner and give them to your rivals in a nifty? Drive Buy? knock around the rotating wheels. Steer your way around the winding city, get on your competitors’ nerves and show off being the fastest parcel deliverer in the whole city. If you fancy a few crazy races with all kinds of rivalries and acts of revenge, you can test the somewhat different racing game at the Steam Festival.

With the watch on your neck, it can get a bit chaotic on the streets.

Play Drive Buy on Steam


The Warshmallows continue to be just as crazy. In this colorful arena shooter, four marshmallow warriors compete against each other online or in local co-op. As in Smash Bros. or Brawlhalla, in this sugar-sweet and brutal game you choose your favorite marshmallow (such as a marshall or a green elf) and hop and shoot your way to victory on the crazy maps. You can collect donuts that will help you decide the match for you. So, unlike the real world, in the world of marshmallows it is extremely healthy to consume donuts. They can virtually save you from death. Point for you Warshmallows, point for you! Definitely a bite or two for Brawler fans… Ääääh… worth a look.

An angry war marsh mallow should not be underestimated.

Play Warshmallows on Steam

First class trouble

Another deduction game joins the list of promising multiplayer titles. The title could scarcely be described as a serious and realistic Among Us, because you as passengers on a spaceship with joint missions have to fix a system error of the ship that sucks the oxygen out of the ship. You have to prevent the swindlers from deceiving you or brutally killing you. From here on, the content of the game separates from the indie hit from last summer, because the opponents are killer robots disguised as humans that try to prevent passengers from shutting down the deadly AI. In the parlor game by the developer Versus Evil there are a lot of intrigues between humans and robots, which could also have an influence on the friendship with your fellow players in real life. Just so no one can say we didn’t warn you!

In First Class Trouble, you can get pretty creative when it comes to the cause of passenger death.

Play First Class Trouble on Steam

Is there anything in the multiplayer demos with which you can add a little variety to the communal game evenings? If not, Steam still has a few multiplayer aces up its sleeve. How about, for example, a colorful RTS Monopoly racing game or a VR Tetris? Of course, you can also stroll a little at the Steam Festival and dig up some demo treasures.

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