Still, the Xbox Game Pass doesn’t come for other consoles

Phil Spencer said platforms from other vendors would not be able to provide the Xbox experience that is essential to the service.

Early last year, rumors spread that the Xbox Game Pass service could take off on platforms independent of Microsoft; this was later refuted by other market participants, but the publisher did not comment on any of the information. Now, however, Phil Spencer spoke on the subject and unfortunately did not provide good news.

The head of the Xbox division gave an interview to the German SamaGame, in which he talked about how the company envisions the future of subscription services, what decisions were behind the design of the Xbox Series X and mentioned many other interesting topics. You can find the full exclusive interview here.

At one point in the conversation, the question arose as to whether the Game Pass could come on other platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch – the short answer is that it can’t. While xCloud will soon be available on phones, which all Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can use for free, the subscription will no longer be available beyond its mother platform.

“The thing is, we’re unable to provide a complete Xbox experience on other gaming platforms.”

Spencer said in the interview.

The Xbox experience, in his definition, covers the fact that these consoles would not be able to provide the same community, library, achievements, and other additional features that they are capable of on Xbox and PC. So there don’t seem to be a day today when we can spin the entire Xbox-exclusive lineup on Switch, but the mobile options might comfort those who crave a portable experience.