Among the new consoles on the market, the Xbox Series X and the PS5 crystallize all expectations. On the side of Sony’s machine, it’s the constant shortage in the face of a global economy slowed down by the pandemic with demand stronger than supply. The many qualities of the console are not unrelated to this with a power greater than the PS4 for a real technological leap. It’s simple, loading times are almost non-existent on the PS5 thanks to its ultra-fast SSD. But Sony’s console isn’t just about performance. On the graphics side, welcome incredible photorealism for beautiful exclusives like Marvel’s Spider-Man, Demon’s Souls, Returnal, God of War and many more to come. The promise of immersive experiences thanks to the tools available to developers like the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine.

How to find your PS5 more easily?

If you miss this sale, don’t panic. The PS5 offers new stock on other sites like Amazon, Rakuten, Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty and even the official PlayStation site! But don’t forget large retailers like Auchan or Carrefour. These brands have a gaming center with PS5s from time to time. If you order online, register your information beforehand with your address and payment method to save time. All you have to do is validate your basket with the console to get it in a handful of seconds. What not to get your hair cut at the post by other buyers! Also consider going in the morning, it is rather at this time of the day that new PS5s are offered. With these little tips that are free and easy to implement, you significantly increase your chances of finding the next-gen machine.

PlayStation 5: where to find the PS5, Sony’s next-gen console, in stock?


Today, SFR offers stock for the PlayStation 5, via a pack with its Fiber subscription. The classic PS5 is then available at 169 euros to be paid once + 8 euros per month for 24 months and the Digital Edition at 69 euros per month to be paid once + 8 euros per month for 24 months. In both cases, you will have to subscribe to an SFR Fiber offer offered at 42 euros per month the first year, then 60 euros per month, which commits you for 2 years.


The PlayStation 5 is Sony’s new console, which offers a very different design compared to its predecessor the PS4, with interchangeable shells, as well as a brand new controller. No more DualShock, now here is DualSense. This controller fits the shape of the hands better, keeps the analog sticks aligned and above all brings new features, such as adaptive triggers or haptic vibrations, which represent a real game changer to promote immersion in a game. Autonomy n is not improved, but the; controller charges much faster than before thanks to its USB-C port.

In terms of the technical sheet, we find a power of 10 teraflops thanks to AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture, with the possibility of running games up to 8K according to what is displayed on the console box. Anyway, most games of the moment run in 4K at 30 or 60 fps, even 120 depending on the title and if you have a compatible television.

Everything has been redesigned for Sony’s new console, down to the interface which is completely different from that of the PS4. We see a new sleek design, new community features and especially the integration of the PlayStation Store. That’s not all, since the PS+ subscription is also incorporated into this interface, logical since the subscription offers a sort of Game Pass like on different levels (Essential/Extra/Premium) in order to take advantage of a whole toy library of free games, old and new, so from the PS1 to the PS5, even including the PSP, as well as the possibility of playing in streaming, depending on the titles.

PlayStation 5: everything you need to know as a gamer

PlayStation 5 release date

The PlayStation 5 was released in Europe on November 19, 2020. Unfortunately since its launch (which actually didn’t really take place due to Covid) Sony’s console has been continuously out of stock. The slowdown in production following the global pandemic and successive confinements and the scarcity of micro-conductors have not done the business of the Japanese manufacturer, which accuses a colossal and is struggling to keep up with demand. Gamers are annoyed and scalpers are filling their pockets.

PlayStation 5 price

To play, you will need a digital version of your favorite games. The PS5 Digital Edition is slightly smaller than the PS5 Standard Edition. Regarding the gaming experience, it is strictly identical on the two consoles.

Here is very good news for those who wanted to buy a PlayStation 5

Don’t have a PlayStation 5 yet? It’s now or never to buy Sony’s latest console, which is currently in stock in select stores after having been off the shelves for over a year. As soon as it was released in November 2019, the Japanese firm had a hard time responding to the countless requests from players, all of whom were eager to test the new features offered by the console.

In just one year, over 7 million PS5s had already been sold worldwide. A gold rush of this magnitude could only lead to a fatal stockout. To make matters worse, the pandemic caused a shortage of electronic semiconductors that slowed production of the PS5. The console still made a few brief returns to the market before disappearing just as quickly each time, at the same time driving up the price of the few remaining models.

Video game fans will therefore be delighted with the news: the PlayStation 5 has made its big comeback on the market since Tuesday, August 2. You can now buy it online and/or in stores at more or less reasonable prices. But beware, even if the availability of the PS5 should return to normal by 2023, you are not immune to stock shortages for the moment.

PS5: the greatest console games are all at a bargain price!

If you’ve been following console inventory news, you’re likely aware that PS5 reports have been on the rise since the start of the summer. More than two years after its launch, the Sony console finds a good rate of release in stores and on e-commerce platforms. A more adequate dynamic with its standing and popularity.

More and more gamers are therefore able to enjoy the great titles that the PlayStation 5 has to offer. Usually priced at €70 or €80 (a figure that has caused some cringe when it comes to The Last of Us remake), the console’s top titles are getting big discounts while supplies last.

PS5: Sony announces that it will be easier to afford a console for Christmas this year

console which, of course, had its small effect when it went on sale. Faced with such a jewel of technology, many people rushed to get the latest baby from Sony. Only small downside, the PS5 was a victim of its success: high demand has, as you can imagine, led to an inevitable stock-out – especially around the holiday season. Good news for those who would like to afford one this year, Sony should anticipate. Translation, the company announces a “significant improvement” in the supply problems that have plagued the world of technology.

On July 29, Sony indicated in a report that it would do everything to “increase the supply of PS5 hardware”:

“At this time, we have made no changes to our sales forecast of 18 million units for PS5 hardware in FY22,” reads the report. “But as we see a recovery from the impact of the lockdown in Shanghai and a significant improvement in component supply, we are working to advance more supply into the year-end holiday sales season. »

But then, how can we explain the ruptures that have punctuated these last few months? Obviously, these were caused by “a global shortage of semiconductors, which was exacerbated by an increase in the gaming market caused by the closures of COVID”, explains the media NME.

During the first anniversary of the console, Jim Ryan had also apologized to those who could not have obtained the console: “We understand that inventory constraints continue to be a source of frustration for many of our customers,” shared Ryan, who added that Sony is “focused on doing everything in our power to ship as many units as possible. ”

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