Great success of Zenimax Online, The Elder Scrolls Online is a game that already had a version for the Switch considered. However, a limitation of the console prevented the studio’s plans from going ahead: the size of the storage offered, which is only 32 GB (and can be expanded using microSD cards).

During PAX Aust, game director Matt Firor explained to GameSpot that this would make it difficult to make MMO available for the platform, as its files occupy about 75 GB. “We think about the Switch, but ESO is a huge game, and it just won’t work. I would love that because I love the Switch. It’s one of the biggest games ever made, and it just won’t fit on the Switch ”.

As the website demonstrated, one of the biggest games on the Nintendo platform is NBA 2K19, which occupies a total of 32 GB. By requiring players to purchase additional memory cards (and only the most spacious models), Zenimax Online would greatly limit the reach of The Elder Scrolls Online, which could not compensate for the efforts required for adaptation.