A game with a sentimental story – Story of Seasons

This game is directly inspired by the history of the pioneers of your grandfathers’ time. Do you want freshness? A revival? Pack your bags (courage to be able to close it without difficulty) and move into your grandfather’s pretty little farm. Located at Olivillea small port town, this new life has what it takes to give you the key to happiness.

Your grandfather’s dream is to have a pretty and cute farm, so make his dream come true! Indeed, nature has for some time regained its rights. It’s up to you to work hard to renovate this farm.

A fun story in the auspicious location of Olive Town

Marvelous Europe Limited and Just for Games are pleased to bring us a farming simulation game. It’s your turn to create your story through the renovation of your grandfather’s farmhouse.

This game is full of fun activities, that is, you will be able to customize your habitat as well as the surrounding nature. But also taking care of the animals, fishing (and not fishing), finding the person who will give impetus to your life, in itself the right person. You can even get married and have children!

From friendship to romance in Story of Seasons?

As said before, you may find love (in the game) or even friendship (friends are good too!). The nearby port city will allow you to meet unique characters thanks to the festivals and charming shops present.

And since there is always something going on in Oliville, festivals for example, this will allow you to meet even more people.

Pioneers of Olive Town is also new features

This farming simulation game offers new features such as quests to revitalize and develop the city, a first-person photography mode, more fantastic than fantastic transport including a motorcycle or a wolf!

A whole world to discover and explore

Indeed, this simulation is a world in its own right. Discover the wild world d’Oliville and grow your farm and town through the flora and fauna around you. Craft facilities by your own wishes and gain farming skills. Become the star of the farm and make your grandpa proud!

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town now available on PS4

The farming management game will be available on Sony’s console in Europe from July 29, at a price of 39.99 euros. The publisher has also confirmed that an extension will be available

This point is controversial, because in Japan and Asia, the content of the pass, which grants access to more areas of the village, is provided as standard on the disc. In Europe, on the other hand, it will be sold separately and its price will be 14.99 euros

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town dated on PS4

Already available on PC and Nintendo Switch, the Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Marvelous will be released on July 29 on PS4. Everything will be sold in physical and digital format at a price of €39.99.

Pre-orders are already launched, and the digital version will benefit from a 10% discount during the launch week.

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