2021 could be THE year for strategy fans, because many games that were supposed to appear last year were postponed due to Corona. Accordingly, there will be a lot of latecomers in 2021, but there are also some planned releases of brand new titles as well as sequels, revivals, and reworks of well-known titles and series. Under the guise of “strategy”, of course, there are many sub-genres such as turn-based strategy games (TBS), real-time strategy games (RTS), building strategy simulations and so on. In addition, there are often other influences from other genres such as RPGs, rogue-like, tactics, survival, etc., which is why the range of games on offer is quite large. Sometimes it is not always easy to classify a game clearly. In the following we show you a mix of strategy games, which (should) appear in 2021. As usual for the genre, most of them are at home on the PC, but there are also one or the other multi-platform game:

Strategy games 2021 content:

Age of Empires 4

The fourth part of the AoE saga should be at the top of the list for many strategy fans, after all, AoE 2 lifted the RTS genre to a whole new level and no less is expected from AoE 4. What you hear so far seems to be AoE 4 is also becoming a modern AoE 2 with even more attention to detail and nicer graphics. AoE 4 has been quiet for a long time since the announcement and the X019 trailer, but the developers contacted us briefly at the end of last year. Accordingly, there is already an executable version that is already being played and tested diligently internally. The work on the 4K textures and models has largely been completed, the AI ​​is in strategy school and the focus is first on polishing, balancing and bug fixing.

When the open beta will follow is not yet known, but you will probably want to wait until you can show something sensible – which is not wrong in and of itself. After all, it is reassuring that Relic Entertainment is looking for an experienced partner who has already proven several times with the Warhammer 40k, Company of Heroes or Homeworld series that RTS can be implemented successfully.

Age of Empires 4 will be released for PC (also in Xbox Game Pass). There is no official release date yet – most recently Microsoft reminded them that
Age of Empires 4 is still in the works – but it is strongly assumed that it will be released this year.

Age of Empires 4 is as detailed as ever.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

With Evil Genius 2: World Domination, the charming RTS simulation goes into the next round. Many no longer believed in it after the Elixir Studios closed, but after Rebellion received the rights and announced the successor at E3 2017, the day was saved for all would-be villains. As with the predecessor, the second part is about building a secret base of evil as a nasty mastermind and doing the same thing as every evening: usurping world domination. In doing so, one remains true to the reference to the secret bases from spy films such as James Bond, coupled with the humor from the “Despicable Me” series.

Accordingly, you build your underworld empire in the best villain style à la Blofeld, Dr. No or Auric Goldfinger in a mountain on a paradise island. On the outside it looks like a luxurious resort with a casino, but behind the chamfer you train minions (no, not the yellow beans), set up laboratories in which weapons are developed, and secure your base with all sorts of deadly traps to keep out intruding spies to clear the way and work on conquering the world.

Like so many games, Evil Genius 2: World Domination was announced for 2020 on PC (via Steam), but then had to be postponed to the first half of 2021.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination auf Steam

Your secret base in Evil Genius 2: World Domination makes many Bond villains green with envy.

The Settlers (Reboot)

Another big name that shaped the RTS genre years before Age of Empires. Unfortunately, the franchise was left asleep for a long time until, surprisingly, the reboot of the series was announced at gamescom 2018. The classic development strategy game is supposed to revive the brand with up-to-date graphics, online multiplayer, a complex raw material system and the well-known settler bustle / charm. Even series creator Volker Wertich was brought back on board, which made fans’ hearts and expectations soar.

As is well known, nothing came of the originally planned 2019 release and the second date planned for 2020 was also canceled. Most recently, The Settlers were postponed indefinitely, as the developers “want to create a really extraordinary gaming experience”, because the Settlers should “only appear when it is fully developed”. The fans have mostly received it positively – better wait a little longer, then a finished game – and what you hear, it could now be in 2021.

There is no new information about the vague release date and that it should appear on PC (via Uplay and Epic Games). What we know so far, you can read here: The settlers – Siedle, as if it were ’94 …

In 2021, resettlement may finally take place again … at least if Die Siedler is not postponed again.

Stronghold: Warlords

And the next big RTS, which should actually appear in 2020, but was postponed to early 2021 due to Corona. The Stronghold series doesn’t need to be explained in great detail – everyone who is involved in the strategy genre should know. Firefly’s newest offshoot takes you this time to the Far East, where it is all about fortifying the medieval castles and fortresses of Mongolian hordes, imperial warriors and samurai and taking Japanese castles and Chinese cities.

Well-known warlords from history mix in and in addition to the classic units and siege weapons, black powder weapons will also be represented. In addition, there are a few new features such as the recruitable AI warlords that you can develop and command to use their unique skills on the battlefield. A total of 31 campaign missions, a multiplayer mode, skirmishes and free building are available as game modes and should keep every strategy fan busy for a few hours.

Stronghold: Warlords will be released on January 26, 2021 for PC (via Steam).

Stronghold: Warlords on Steam

In Stronghold: Warlords this time you have to conquer and defend the castles and fortresses in the Far East.


Humankind deals, among other things, with the question “what kind of world would you create if you could rewrite the previous history of mankind”, and tries to counter established figures such as Civilization 6 or Anno. The turn-based strategy game from Amplitude Studios and SEGA provides you with 60 historical cultures from ancient times to modern times, which you can freely combine with each other to create your very own society.

Every culture brings its very own aspects with it, which with over 1 million cultural combinations leads to almost endless possibilities. Do you want a peaceful social structure that only focuses on scientific progress? A warlike caste? A hardworking building people who build the greatest structures of mankind? Everything is possible. Every great deed, every moral decision, and every battle won builds your fame – and the player with the most fame wins.

Humankind will be available for PC on April 22, 2021.

Pre-order Humankind (Steam, Stadia and Epic Games)

At first glance, Humankind looks like Civilization 6 or Anno – not without reason, because it wants to compete with it.

Builders of Egypt

As the name suggests, the city building simulation / economic strategy sim from Playway takes place in ancient Egypt. The story begins in a little-known protodynastic period witnessing the birth of Egyptian civilization, and ends with the fall of the Ptolemaic Kingdom and the death of Cleopatra. In this fixed time frame, the fate of the Nile people is in your hands, which puts the skillful administration and planning of the city in the foreground.

How do you design the road network as efficiently as possible? Which buildings are placed where in order to be as beneficial as possible for residents and society? How do you provide the residents with the necessary food and so on. But defense against hostile aggressors and external influences will also play a role. A carefully built city increases economic efficiency, which continues to be reflected in revenue.

Builders of Egypt appears for PC, but there is no fixed release date so far, but it should appear in the first quarter of 2021. If you are interested, you can have a look at the Builders of Egypt demo on Steam or GOG.

Builders of Egypt auf Steam

The Builders series is getting a new offshoot. This time, Builders of Egypt is about the emergence and fall of Ancient Egypt.

Endzone: A World Apart

The survival strategy game Endzone: A World Apart from Gentlymad Studios has been available in Early Access since April 2, 2020 and has since sold around 200,000 units. It is particularly interesting that the setting does not begin in an early age in which you lead your people into the glorious future, but only begins afterwards. Specifically, the year 2171 starts in a post-apocalyptic end time. Terrorists blew up all nuclear power plants around the world and more or less wiped out humanity.

Your job is to build a new civilization for the few who survived the disaster. To do this, new settlements consisting of over 30 different buildings must be built in the shadow of the once glorious cities and the necessary resources and food must be cultivated. Sounds easy, but every piece of earth has its own moisture and radiation values. One wrong decision and your husbands, wives and children have nothing to eat. In addition, there is constant danger, because radioactive radiation, toxic rain, sandstorms and droughts are only part of the aftermath, the catastrophe.

Endzone: A World Apart is already available as Early Access for PC (via Steam and GOG). There is not yet a release date for the final version, but it is assumed that it will be completed this year.

Endzone – A World Apart on Steam

End zone: With its post-apocalyptic scenario, A World Apart brings a breath of fresh air from the otherwise usual Stone Age to future development.

Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign

The patient RTS fan had to wait a full 15 years until (surprisingly) a successor to the cult hit of the early 2000s was announced. Black Sea Games takes care of development, which includes many former employees of the first Knights of Honor, which is a plus. As in the predecessor, the Middle Ages have been chosen as the fixed time frame for the real-time strategy game. As a special feature, Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign mixes real-time strategy on a huge world map with major RTS battles on its own battlefield maps.

As king you take over the scepter of one of many possible realms and set about leading it to true greatness. To do this, you appoint confidants and advisers (marshals, clergy, merchants, diplomats, spies, etc.), manage your provinces, collect resources, build settlements and fight for control of Europe – everything that a good king does. It is up to you whether you try diplomacy, religion, trade or intrigue, or spy on the other realms and secretly raise an army to take power by force.

Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign will be released for PC via Steam. There is no exact date yet, but it should come out “sometime” in 2021.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground

Whoever waits (in vain) for Might “Magic Heroes 8” could in the meantime take a look at Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground. The latest offshoot of the Warhammer universe is not about the future, but for the first time into the “Age of” Sigmar “fantasy universe, which was heavily inspired by JRR Tolkien and Michael Moor___. The template for the turn-based strategy game from Gasket Games was obviously the tabletop game” Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars “and the Nighthaunt in it and Stormcast Eternals.

In Storm Ground, a world full of legends, heroes, hellish creatures and epic skirmishes, you command a force to conquer death and its minions. Victories give you and improve your units and equipment, and you can unlock powerful skills. In addition to the non-linear campaign, which offers new challenges, units and equipment with each playthrough, 1v1 battles are also on the program.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground is slated for release in spring 2021 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Pre-order Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground on Steam

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground is the first time in the fantasy section of the Warhammer universe.

King Arthur Knight’s Tale

Developer NeocoreGames classifies King Arthur Knight’s Tale as a tactical RPG ala XCOM, but if you take a closer look at the game, you will also recognize many aspects of a strategy game – you control your armies turn-based through old England, conquer provinces, command battles in real time and so on. So it’s more of a colorful mix of all these genres and a few other gameplay elements.

As the name suggests, the revival of the King Arthur series after around 10 years puts the legend of King Arthur, his Knights of the Round Table, Merlin, Camelot, Excalibur and Co into the spotlight. However, the dark fantasy tropes give it a special twist, because in this story the king and his men are not only the heroic ray men, but also show their dark side. Anyone who likes a dark fantasy setting in the harsh English Middle Ages and doesn’t shy away from a colorful mix of genres should take a look here.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is slated for release in the first quarter of 2021 for PC (via Steam), PS5 and Xbox Series X. Early Access on Steam will be possible from January 26th.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale on Steam

In King Arthur Knight’s Tale, the otherwise radiant hero of the Arthurian legend shows himself in a somewhat gloomy light.

Death Crown for consoles

If you don’t want to swim with the mainstream and aren’t put off by pixelated black and white graphics and simpler gameplay, you should take a closer look at Death Crown. Developer CO5MONAUT describes it as follows: “Death Crown is a minimalist real-time strategy in 1-bit style where you will be death yourself, command your legions of death and punish the kingdom of man for your self-esteem.”

In plain language this means: You only have one barracks for troops, only one mine for gold production and only one defense tower. On this basis you arm your army of death and invade the kingdom of men to bring death and destruction. Alternatively, of course, the other way around. In addition to the campaign, there is also a local multiplayer mode.

Death Crown was released for PC via Steam in August 2019. Further versions for PS4, Xbox One and Switch should follow on November 12, 2020, but the console offshoots have been postponed to February 11, 2021 for “various reasons”.

Death Crown on Steam

For those who like it minimalist and on console, the strategy game Death Crown is something for you.

Toy Soldiers HD und Toy Soldiers 2: Finest Hour

One or the other may still remember the “Toy Soldiers” from Signal Studios, which was released in 2010 for Xbox and 2012 for PC. The action strategy game mixes various elements of RTS, action and tower defense together and packs that into a World War I scenario that is fought out with toy soldiers. In its time, it was largely received positively by fans and the press, which is probably why the decision was made to announce Toy Soldiers 2 and an HD remaster of the first part in May 2020.

While Toy Soldiers HD “only” spruces up the first part, Toy Soldiers 2: Finest Hour is the planned sequel. This time the same plays in the Second World War, but apart from that, they are very much oriented towards the predecessor. In other words: You fight well-known battles such as the landing in Normandy with various toy figures and model tanks / planes / ships.

Toy Soldiers HD and Toy Soldiers 2: Finest Hour should actually be released in 2020 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, but have been postponed until sometime in 2021.

In Toy Soldiers HD and Toy Soldiers 2: Finest Hour you send toy soldiers onto the battlefield.

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