Since its release just a few days ago, Stray is already an international success. The game, developed by French studios, allows its players to embody a small red feline, lost in the depths in search of a way to the surface. Appreciated for its detailed graphics and the realism of the main protagonist, Stray receives more than positive reviews (sometimes more positive than Elden Ring)!

Your cat in Stray?

This is now possible thanks to the mods of NorskPL! It all started when modders, known for their texture modifications on various games like Mafia 2, started to receive quite specific requests. While they were trying their hand at mods on the new summer game, Stray, several people asked them to mod their in-game chat.

Being great experts in modifying textures, NorskPL immediately seized the opportunity and now offer, on their Ko-fi profile, to mod your cat, or any feline for that matter. Modders work with a variable pricedepending on the complexity of the requested Stray mod.

The concept has worked so well that today NorskPL find themselves drowning in requests for mods and if you too would like to have your cat modded in Stray, it will take an average of two weeks. We can say that NorskPL have been victims of their own success.

NorskPL state that their work is currently texture-based only, which means that they cannot modify the characteristics of the fur, such as its length. They say they plan to buy the Gfur Pro plugin for Unreal Engine 4 in the future, which will allow them to bring more extensive changes to Stray’s feline protagonist.

Little cats, little cats, more little cats

It is possible to find already dozens of modded cats, most of the time at the request of players. It is possible to find black, gray, spotted, blue-eyed, or red cats, in short, any possible and unimaginable combination of cats. Even sphynxes have their own modallowing them to get rid of the red fur coat that the game’s protagonist usually wears.

There is no doubt that in the coming weeks, this type of mod to change the color of Stray’s hero will be commonplace, and each player will be able to embody his favorite cat on the big screen.

Stray: you can have YOUR cat in the game, but on one condition

Stray is a real box and it does not even leave the top sellers on Steam. On PC mods are flourishing, including this one allowing you to add your cat.

A dream finally becomes reality. You will be able to make your cat a hero. Oh yes. If Stray’s mods are out, one of them is particularly talked about. That of the modder NorskPL who offers against contribution to mod your cat in the game.

Your cat, this Stray hero

If there are no customization options in the base game, NorskPL still thinks of you by adding your chat in the game for a commission.

Texture work

NorskPL explains that its work is currently texture-based only, which means it cannot alter fur characteristics like hair length. However, he does state that he plans to purchase the Gfur Pro plugin for Unreal Engine 4 in the future, which will allow him to make more extensive changes to Stray’s chat.

The modder also adds that they would make every request for free if they could, but they got so overwhelmed with the requests that they decided to ask for compensation.


This is because playing a cat is a concept that has struck a chord with the community. But added to that there are tons of mods to improve the immersion.

Jessica Natalia, a modder, recently unveiled an add-on that lets players experience what a cat’s life is like from a first-person perspective. Although the game is in third person, some have asked themselves this kind of question.

A video on Nexus Mods gives a brief overview of the mod: although the camera controls are a little tricky to pick up, it’s still the same experience, except now players can see things from the perspective of the camera. ‘animal.

Given the popularity of the game, it’s no surprise that so many mods are surfacing. Whether it’s turning the cat into Garfield, or into real cats owned by their respective owners, or a Doom mod so the cat can shoot demons, it seems the community has plenty of ideas.

This raises the question about other possible ways to modify the adventures of our feline.


The brand new game “Stray” allowing to play with a cat, got its first mod, which now allows to play with Garfield!

Only a week after its long-awaited release date, stray already got a mod. So instead of playing with the original cat living in a post-apocalyptic world populated by robots, you can now play with the cult cat Garfield. And the reproduction is very faithful to the original.

Indeed, the illusion is so similar to the movies that you almost expect to hear Bill Murray’s voice lazily say “Meow.” But sadly, it’s not part of the mod yet. It would seem that the lasagna is also not involved in the story. For now …

Released on July 19, the PC and PlayStation game is already very beautiful and interesting. But we have to admit that it looks a little more fun with this creative update. The mod “Garfield – Cartoon Edition” is available from Chris Rubino. He also shares tutorials on creating character mods for popular video games on his YouTube channel.

Just a week after its release, Stray is already the number one game on Steam, with a positive rating of 97%. The video game was very popular long before its release. Indeed, each trailer and each clip has been enthusiastically received by Internet users. Apparently, the players like to evolve in the skin of a cat. And this, even if it is a question of living in a post-apocalyptic world. Because exploring and taking a nap seems like a nice alternative to the less rosy reality.

Stray: A mod to transform the little cat into CJ from GTA: San Andreas

Since July 19, 2022, players can finally play the Stray game. An adventure game in which they embody a cat evolving in a cyberpunk-inspired world with robots. A game, developed by the French studio Blue Twelve Studio, which received a warm welcome.

A craze that has sparked the creation of various mods including that of Sirgalahad172, which has been talked about a lot. Indeed, this mod allows in particular to replace the cute little cat by the emblematic character of the video game GTA: San Andreas, Carl Johnson alias CJ.

“Oh here we go again” does that speak to you? This meme has gone viral on social media, so what could be better for a game where you play as a cat to see such an iconic character walking around on all fours. Very “weird” “disturbing”, some might say, but still funny for players who see it as a good appeal to Rockstar’s unbearable expectation for the arrival of a new GTA opus.

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