If yesterday we brought you this incredible analysis about Monster Hunter World, today we bring you incredible news for all the players of this title who are also fans of the Street Fighter saga and his mythical Ryu. And it is that Street Fighter V comes as a new event to Monster Hunter World, although at the moment in a limited way for some PlayStation 4 players.

The event will be active for PS4 users from February 16

To be able to access this event you must have, Street Fighter V data saved on your PS4. If you meet this requirement, all you have to do to complete the event is accept the quest “Down The Dark, Muddy Path” and thus get the necessary objects to make the armor. In it, you will have to hunt a Barroth (having your hunter at minimum level 3). Once this is completed, As a reward you will get the possibility of transform your character in the mythical protagonist of the Street Fighter saga, Ryu. In addition, we will also obtain the Shoryuken and Hadoken gestures to be able to use with our character, along with the possibility of acquiring a sticker set of Street Fighter V (although this will be as paid content).

Apart from this mission that we have mentioned, the event will soon have another quest in which we can unlock the sakura armor, in addition to other missions that they will add once they finish these.

Capcom has also announced that the event will be available in the future for all PlayStation 4 users that have no saved Street Fighter V data, as well as those of Xbox One. They have not specified a date yet, so we will have to wait for new news to come out in the next few days.

A new crossover has come to Monster Hunter World, this time from the hand of our beloved Ryu and Street Fighter V. Were you looking forward to this crossover? Which one would you like to see in the future? We are waiting your comments!