Limited Run Games has unveiled its limited Collector’s Editions of Streets of Rage 4 for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

This product will be available in limited quantity (1,500 units per Switch), contains many goodies for $ 149.99 USD. It will be made available later this week in two batches:

“We are happy to announce that the Limited Collector’s Edition of Streets of Rage 4 will be available in two lots this Friday May 1st at 4pm and midnight on”

Collector’s Edition includes premium packaging, game, reversible cover, classic edition, Genesis case, poster, original soundtrack, artbook, metal cartridge, steelbook and 7-inch statue with Axel and Blaze.

Limited Run also said it will allow cancellation of other pre-ordered versions of Streets of Rage 4 for anyone who wants to get a copy of the Collector’s Edition.

“As this is a limited edition and only available in limited quantities at 4pm and midnight on Fridays, we will allow the cancellation of other editions of Streets of Rage 4 for those who want to obtain a copy of this CE.”

How about?

Source: Nintendolife.