Another Princess Is In Our Castle is a goofy retelling of Super Mario 64, in which Nintendo’s plumber embarks on a horror adventure.

Super Mario 64 is a cult video game. Released in 1996, it is neither more nor less than the very first 3D adventure of the famous mustachioed plumber. Several decades later, he continues to fascinate fans, who compete in ingenuity to pay tribute to this master stallion in the 3D genre.

Another Princess Is In Our Castle delivers a completely different face of Mario’s epics: the project takes the form of a horror game in which the hero must escape the ghost of Peach (who died five years earlier). “It’s a horror experience inspired by Super Mario 64.” A playable demo is available here (we tried it and it works on Windows). The creator hopes to make it a full game.

Super Mario 64 as a first-person horror game

CM9_Animation was obviously inspired by the most successful horror games of recent years, with a hyper immersive first-person view (Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Outlast…). Equipped with a lantern, Mario must explore the iconic castle of the Mushroom Kingdom and investigate the strange phenomena that occur there. The gameplay is ultra simplistic and accessible.

In this replay of Super Mario 64, the goal is to collect all the statuettes bearing the image of the princess, without being pinched by the ectoplasm chasing after us (when you get caught, it’s game over). To do this, you often have to take to your heels (pay attention to the endurance gauge) or even hide in chests. The sound mix is ​​sufficiently well worked to help us watch out for the enemy, knowing that the game immerses us in a scary atmosphere.

Super Mario 64 becomes a first-person horror game

Luigi has made a name for himself as a ghost hunter, but why can’t Mario get into it too? That’s what developer CM9_Animation wondered, as they just unveiled their new Super Mario 64-inspired horror experience. any other atmosphere.

Another Princess Is In Our Castle: a horror game inspired by Mario 64

In Another Princess Is In Our Castle, you return to Peach’s Castle a few years after his death. Lantern in hand, in first person view, you will have to move forward in the Castle and unravel its mystery… At the bend in a corridor or by opening a door, you will quickly realize that Something is wrong.

As you can see in the alpha demo below, the game mimics the vibe of Amnesia. To avoid Peach’s ghost you will have to hide in chests or run away, using the endurance wheel. Just be careful not to get stuck while collecting all eight statues in this early version of the game.



Here is a very nice extension LEGO Super Mario. It’s about haunted hide and seek from Luigi’s Mansion in which Mario and Luigi will have to show dexterity in the face of the many traps scattered on their paths. However, to take advantage of it, you will have to start by assembling the 877 pieces.

The adventure begins on a starting plate and a rotating entrance. Your mission is to free Toad of a board and discover the different jewels before embarking on several confrontations which pit you against a haunted pool table, a Trash Ghost, a Seeker, and King Boo.

Do not forget that to take advantage of this extension, you must have a starter pack 71360 or 71387.

Discover our selection of the best LEGO Super Mario


This August, LEGO is honoring Princess Peach with a new starter pack and no less than six new expansion packs. LEGO Super Mario interactive sets have delighted fans of the license, but also the youngest. Indeed, since the release of the Mario and Luigi Packs, they have offered young and old alike a new way to play, thanks to the LEGO Super Mario application.

With the starter pack The Adventures of Peach, a whole new world awaits you. Similar to other starter packs, you can see Princess Peach’s reactions via a screen, give her the red fruit, or give it to a friend, like Yellow Toad (included in the pack). In addition, you can combine this pack with the other packs and expansions of the LEGO Super Mario range, and thus create a whole world worthy of the universe of the famous Nintendo saga. Launch the lava bubble to knock Lemmy off his tower, earn coins by helping Princess Peach and Yellow Toad!


Among the six new expansion sets, LEGO present Peach’s Castle. The youngest and the oldest will be able to discover one of the most legendary places in video games, with many nods to the saga. Indeed, the castle has a stained glass window with the effigy of Princess Peach, a painting representing Bob-ombs. As well as a special pipe with the iconic music of the Princess Castle, and many other details. In addition, Peach’s Castle includes 5 characters including Bowser and Toadette.

Two LEGO Super Mario sets now available with double VIP points

Double VIP Points are currently available on two LEGO Super Mario sets, depending on which region of the world you are in.

With the latest wave of LEGO Super Mario having launched this week, fans of the video game theme are spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding which product to choose next. However, if you’re looking for inspiration for future purchases, then the LEGO Group has deals on a few sets that might be worthwhile.

In the United States, customers are offered double VIP points with 71387 Adventures with Luigi Starter course. The $59.99 set offers an alternative add-on piece to 71360 Adventures with Mario Starter course and this promotion is also available until August 31st.

Of course, you might want to delay shopping until August 8, when a new promotional gift-with-purchase set becomes available. rumored to become available. According to a previous report, you’ll apparently be able to add 30509 Yellow Yoshi’s Fruit Tree to LEGO Super mario fixed orders over $40 for free, with the offer running until August 15th.

In fact, if you wait until next week, you might be able to get three GWPs by spending $150 on LEGO Super Mario sets. Along with the rumored 30509 Yellow Yoshi’s Fruit Tree, another potential GWP is set to drop tomorrow in the form of 40515 Pirates and Treasure VIP Add On Pack. The set would be free for VIP members who spend more than $50 on LEGO sets.

Add 40567 Forest Hideout, which is currently available as a free GWP in the UK and Europe with purchases over £150 / €150 until August 14 (or while supplies last), and you’re looking at a pretty decent haul overall.

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