Super Mario Bros. 35 contains Luigi as a secret character

Super Mario Bros. 35players discovered that none other than Luigi is a secret playable character in the game.

To unlock Luigi you must complete all levels at least once. Next, you have to hold down the left stick at the loading screen and play the game with Luigi instead of Mario.

Hold L when you start a match and you can be a Luigi! L is real in SMB35! # SuperMarioBros35 #NintendoSwitchOnline #NintendoSwitch

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In the quest to unlock Luigi, players first thought that not one but two things were needed to unlock Luigi. For example, you also had to achieve a Star Rank level. However, that turned out to be incorrect.

Although Super Mario Bros: 35 has been available since October 1, it was only now that players discovered that Luigi is a secret playable character in the game. Whether the game contains any more secrets will probably only become clear later. Nintendo itself has not yet officially responded to the discovery.