Isn’t it a lot in order to build levels? Don’t worry: Super Mario Maker 2 remembered you. In Nintendo Direct broadcast on Wednesday (15), the company announced a ton of information about the game, including a campaign mode full of content, entitled to more than 100 original levels – created by Nintendo – and even side quests .

In this story, Mario must rebuild Peach’s castle and, for that, he needs to go through stages filled with traps. All stages were created specifically for Super Mario Maker 2. The idea is that they serve as a reference for players to use the game’s tools and develop their own stages in the creation mode.

Collected in the campaign, the coins are necessary for the plumber to be able to rebuild the princess’s castle. As the site is rebuilt, new areas become accessible and new NPCs emerge with different demands on them – these are side quests, which also reward you with coins.

Check out the details in the video below, at the brand 36 minutes, and tell us what you think of this addition down here, in the comments field! Super Mario Maker 2 will be released exclusively for Switch on June 28th.

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