Super Mario Odyssey – How to unlock the 82 songs scattered throughout the game

At Super Mario Odyssey songs are another of the game’s collectibles that give you one more task after you’ve finished the main story.

Instead of being a garment or a decoration item, this collectible is a little more creative. Is music!

The Music List is added to your Playlists (press Y while on the map screen) and is updated whenever you enter a new level or mini-game.

Super Mario Odyssey – all you need to know about Playlists

There are 16 types of music in the game, defined either by the Kingdom in which you can find it or by a more general theme or use. Exist:

  • The Music of the Kingdom of Cap
  • The Music of the Kingdom of the Waterfall
  • The Music of the Sand Kingdom
  • The Music of the Kingdom of Madeira
  • The Music of the Kingdom of the Lake
  • The Music of the Lost Kingdom
  • The Kingdom Music Metro
  • Kingdom Music by the Sea
  • Snow Kingdom Music
  • Luncheon Kingdom Music
  • Bowser’s Kingdom Music
  • The Music of the Kingdom of the Moon
  • The Music of the Mushroom Kingdom
  • Battle Music
  • Small World Music
  • Extra Music

Even when entering a 2D 8-bit level in a certain realm, you will unlock new songs: in these sections, you can listen to the music of that region or area in a more old-school version.

It is a brilliant way to enjoy the best soundtrack of a Mario game, and the mode will also allow you to play any music you have collected immediately, just by going to the Music List menu.

Oh, and if you select a song in the Music List menu, it will continue to play instead of the song that you can hear by definition in a particular world.

Do you fall asleep if you hear the Honeylune Ridge from the Kingdom of the Moon? Why not switch to something more energetic like the fantastic Bowser’s Castle 2 or the band from New Donk City?

There is still an extra dimension to this music-based mechanic. If you search hard in each realm, you can go through a blue toad listening to music on your giant headphones. He will ask you to play a certain song.

You just have to open your Music List and play the one he asked for, obtaining a Power Moon in return. Just remember that it will not appear until you finish the main story.

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How to Complete the List of Songs in Super Mario Odyssey

There are currently 82 songs scattered throughout the game and you will find a large part of them throughout your journey.

If you’re missing anything, look for tickets to a “small world” (specific challenges that require you to use platforms in order to reach one or two Power Moons), mini-games where you disappear through a Warp Pipe or go through a door with a hat.

Sometimes, these have sections in 8-bits, duplicating the songs you collect in that area.

Even less obvious sounds, such as the music you can hear when you enter the Crazy Cap store or the Koopa Freerunning racing theme can be collected. Even music from the transition from one kingdom to another will be added to your list.

If it helps – or if you just want to listen to the music only, without playing it – the YouTube video above Dysifyzer is the first track of the full soundtrack of the game’s music.