Super Mario Odyssey – list of memories and how to unlock them all

The memories of Super Mario Odyssey they consist of collectible cosmetics that you can find in the game and that you can get from different stores with different prices.

On this page, we will give you all the information you need to know about them, including a list of souvenirs in Super Mario Odyssey, you souvenir prices and how to unlock them all.

Super Mario Odyssey – price of each souvenir and how you can unlock them

When it comes to collectibles, we have hats and clothes for Mario and a series of stickers to adorn the exterior of Odyssey. But is there nothing inside your ship? Even the decor needs some attention and Super Mario Odyssey has the solution for that. Nothing more, nothing less than souvenirs – special items that are unique in each kingdom you visit.

Most kingdoms have at least two of each – and each is inspired by a monument, NPC, or game time. These cannot be purchased with gold coins either. Since these items are so special, you will have to collect the purple coins for each region. These are unique in each realm and cannot be transported to other worlds. So, if there is a memory that you really like, you will have to search every square meter of the kingdom to be able to buy it.

These items vary in price from 5 to 25 regional coins (and considering that there are between 50 and 100 coins per world, you will spend a lot of coins on a small object) so it is better to start looking for them right at the beginning of your journey. As soon as you buy them, these memories will be proudly placed inside your ship and will appear in cutscenes between kingdoms throughout history.

Souvenir name Cost Kingdom Description of the souvenir
Mushroom Pillow Set 10 regional currencies Mushroom The mushroom pattern on these pillows has withstood the passage of time. A table cloth is also included in the set.
Model of Peach’s Castle 25 regional currencies Mushroom Who doesn’t want a scale model of this famous castle? Even the beautiful stained glass in the center has been faithfully recreated.
Frog Teddy 5 regional currencies Cap These little frogs use tall hats as a form of defense, something so cute that they couldn’t resist turning them into toys!
Bonneton Tower Model 25 regional currencies Cap This model of the tower in the Cap kingdom is popular with tourists thanks to the faithful recreation of its architecture.
T-Rex model 5 regional currencies Shell of This dinosaur’s pose looks so real you can almost hear it roar!
Triceratops Trophy 25 regional currencies Shell of The replica of a real dinosaur fossil from the Cascade kingdom. Hang it on the wall and your room will be completely transformed!
Jaxi statue 5 regional currencies Sand In the Tostarena region, the Jaxi have lived alongside the population since ancient times. This statue is made of stones from the ruins!
Inverted Pyramid Model 25 regional currencies Sand A famous site in the ruins of Tostarena. Even the most subtle details have been extremely well recreated.
Rubber Dorrie 5 regional currencies Lake Fans of the universally adored Dorrie have long since asked for a replica with this level of quality. It was developed in a way that looks like the real thing.
Underwater dome 25 regional currencies Lake This snow globe from the Water Plaza on Lake Lamode uses water from the Kingdom of Lake.
Steam Garden Flowers 5 regional currencies wood This popular floral arrangement at Jardins de Vapor is traditionally given as a gift.
Gardener’s Watering Can 25 regional currencies Wooded This robot-shaped watering can was made to look like the inhabitants of the kingdom of Madeira. It is a great souvenir and also serves for gardening!
Palm tree 5 regional currencies Lost This plant grows all over the Forgotten Island. They can grow even in the most poisonous swamp and have therefore become quite popular with gardeners.
Butterfly Mobile 25 regional currencies Lost Inspired by the butterflies that live on the Forgotten Island, don’t be impressed if you get lost in time when you are looking at this beauty.
New Donk City Hall model 5 regional currencies Subway This miniature model of the New Donk City Hall (with lights on!) Has been a great success with visitors from the Metro kingdom.
Pauline statue 25 regional currencies Subway This statue of the President of New Donk City, Pauline, was made as a way to celebrate her popularity.
Shiverian Rug 5 regional currencies Snow With the same patterns that we can find in Shiverian clothing, this rug is great for keeping you warm from head to toe!
Shiverian Dolls 25 regional currencies Snow Open one of these traditional dolls and another one will come out! It is difficult to distinguish them but they are based on past race winners.
Glass Tower Model 5 regional currencies Sea shore A replica of the Glass Tower that rises in the center of Bubblaine!
Sand bottle 25 regional currencies Sea shore Every look at this bottle of sand off the coast of Bubblaine evokes sunny memories of relaxed moments you spent on the beach.
Forks 5 regional coins Luncheon Inspired by the inhabitants of Monte Volbono, this beautiful pair of cutlery looks like a father and a son.
Vegetable Plate 25 regional currencies Luncheon This toy makes you believe that you are playing with real food from Monte Volbono. You can also stack them like blocks!
Paper Lantern 5 regional currencies Bowser You can find these lanterns at Bowser’s Castle. In the old days, people used them to light their way!
Statue of Jizo 25 regional currencies Bowser Present everywhere, these guardian deities quietly protect travelers.
Moon Fragment 5 regional currencies Moon This strange rock fragment was found in the Honeylune Gorge. Its effects are … unknown.
Moon lamp 25 regional currencies Moon This rotating moon is a stylish way to add shine to your room. It is also very well built and is much more resistant than what it looks like!