Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Melinda-Bug creates an infinite number of Waluigis

Animal Crossings Melinda is currently causing a couple of issues in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

With a newly discovered bug it is possible, among other things, to create an infinite number of waluigis. If that has always been your wish, now it is becoming a reality.

To do this, two Melinda fighters have to fight each other and use their helper trophy pretty much simultaneously. The player who succeeds in this the fastest creates an infinite number of versions of his helper trophy, whether that is Waluigi or another.

The following video shows you what it looks like:

The bug was originally discovered by YouTuber TheAfrowJow, who explains how it works in his video.

Previously, another bug related to Melinda surfaced that leads to the game crashing in the end.

To do this, the resident, Melinda and another character must be in smash mode (via Reddit). This problem crashes the game and brings you back to the console menu.

The following video demonstrates this problem.