Finding Apple devices at a discount is not easy, Apple has a much smaller catalog than its competitors and it is not usual to see affordable apple devices. However, from time to time, opportunities appear that They allow us to get a Mac or an iPad at a better price, and they are opportunities that we must seize.

At Fnac they are celebrating internet week and Apple devices are discounted, nothing less than up to 370 euros you can save on a new MacBook or a new iPad. However, this promotion is for a limited time, so we recommend you take a look as soon as possible and buy your new Mac or iPad soon if you want to enjoy these discounts.

Discounts on Mac and iPad at Fnac

Deals on Mac and iPad that you should take advantage of

If you hurry, you can access very interesting offers on various Apple devices, but remember that they are offers available now and that they will soon disappear. Fnac is a full guarantee store that will send you your new device in just one day for free and you will be able to enjoy it very soon.

For example we have a very good offer in the new MacBook Air, launched just a few weeks ago and that you can get with a 10% discount for only 1,079 euros. The 13-inch MacBook Pro is also discounted by 200 euros, a huge deal on a neat device. And you also have offers on several iPad models, among them those with the highest capacity or LTE connection stand out.

Now is a great time to get a new Mac or iPad, they are the most demanded devices during these weeks of confinement and will allow you to work from home or enjoy your favorite series and games. Do not miss this week of discounts on Apple devices from Fnac, up to 370 euros discount, and update your devices as soon as possible, many of the devices of these offers begin to have low stock and sales will end this week.

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