Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

More than a year after the original Japanese release, the feeling that Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars leaves is ambiguous. On the one hand, I spent almost a year wishing it would arrive, and on the other hand, now that it has arrived, we have to confirm that some of the design decisions are not exactly the most favorable to a product that is supposed to be made to appeal to an audience specific, that curiously seems to have been relegated in favor of another one associated with the console and not to the gender. The licensing problems and the uncertainty of launching outside Japan were fears that now set aside, just remembering them should be enough to avoid criticism and simply plunge into the typically made in nippon spectacularity that Capcom, and its series ?? Vs ??, both got used to us. Unfortunately, only a certain extent is possible.

Before going into more detail on this subject, first let’s go to the introductions. Ultimate All-Stars is the latest in the “Vs” series of Capcom that already has a tradition and an adept audience. It is the first gem achievement for this new generation of consoles and is the first to bet on a 2.5D look (3D characters and scenarios in a 2D perspective). If so far Capcom’s clashes have been against Marvel or SNK characters, now it’s time for Tatsunoko Productions, a Japanese animation studio that may or may not be known to many. The most certain thing is not to know half of the characters that are on the Tatsunoko side but some like the characters of the Science Ninja Team (Gatchaman in the original) must be known by the most cultured in Japanese animation and Karas and Casshern must be known by the fans of Japanese animation more recent. On Capcom’s side, well-known figures of this company emerge and some of them are present in a game of the genre for the first time.

The range of characters available is varied and ranges from Street Fighter to Dead Rising, Megaman, Lost Planet, Onimusha, Viewtiful Joe and even Dead Rising. This on the side of Capcom because on the side of Tatsunoko, in addition to those already mentioned, we have characters from series like Tekkaman, Yatterman, Ippatsuman or Polymar. All these characters, 26 in total, appear ready to fight with a range of moves and special moves adapted to the genre that recreate what they do in their games or series for enormous authenticity and spectacularity.

How else could we see a little girl facing giant broom robots?

As is traditional in the ?? Vs ?? series, we have different styles that make us gain interest in getting to know the characters little by little and although everyone has their strengths and weaknesses offering diversity and some depth, too soon we recognize which ones the strongest and easiest to use. This results from a gameplay that aims to be intuitive and accessible but does so in a dangerous way. Thinking about the beginners and beginners, and not so much about the fierce fans of their fighting games, Capcom created a very easy to use combat system that using four buttons easily sends the player to a huge feeling of repetition and when everything should be loud and vibrant, the danger of monotony lurks.

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Learning the combinations and variations can be a job that offers merits to the players in such an interest that they will learn to apply combos that devastate the opponents’ life bar. The chain of combinations with air strikes to completely leave the opponent submissive and ready for the crazy specials is the great challenge for those who like to study this type of titles to exhaustion but this limit comes too soon and with little reward. This is because in the search for accessibility to newbies and less data to the genre, Capcom allowed the player to play with the Mote in a control scheme that is not only adapted but also too automated that takes away the player’s merit but provides strokes and sequences in an almost unfair. Opting for the classic command, the player will already really win the reins of his fighters but what he gains in access to new and bigger combos, loses as far as equality is concerned. Fighting game aficionados will opt for the classic controller or the Fight Stick, but not everyone will make that commitment when there are alternatives so accessible that they are almost unfair. Either way, the available combos are extremely easy to execute and their quantity per character is so low that we constantly repeat the same times over and over so it will be up to the player if he wants to win the glory by winning in full control over semi-automated schemes. .

The colorful look brings crazy and indescribable characters and movements to life.

In any case, it is ensured that anyone can play the game without being forced to buy additional peripherals and even if it suffers restrictions, it should not be left with the feeling that this can apparently be so beneficial. This should be a concern especially in online matches or with friends locally, which is of the utmost importance as online mode is vital in this game. With an extremely pale “Arcade” mode, the player is left with few modes to entertain himself and when everything seems to assume a certain amount of repetition, even playing with several players, reaching the end with all the characters will not be very appealing. Even with bonuses and mini-games to buy and unlock, the gameplay insists on not being as balanced as what Capcom has used to us in the past and not all characters are on a comparable level.

If the gameplay is at a point where it will leave the player to fight against himself because he feels that he quickly reaches the will to let go, the desire to continue will most likely remain due to the visual spectacle that is before the eyes . Visually we are facing a game full of color that comes from both the scenarios and the spectacular movements that the characters gracefully pour out. A true rainbow in terms of the color palette and a firework display in the specials and supers, Tatsunoko vs Capcom is everything that the series “Vs” represents. Japanese magic in motion that in the eyes of some people will always continue to look like a fool while for others it will always be a testament to the quality of excellence.

The love and passion for 2D fighting games may be of the utmost importance, but even so it cannot be enough to avoid easy fatigue in the short to medium term. For this, it is vital to have a group of friends to humiliate or a strong dedication to online mode. Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars can be a unique product on your console, and even in this generation, it can show a loving work on the part of the development team, but some decisions made are still disturbing and the most cartoonish comes up, a game made with the aim of pleasing anyone, will inevitably end up being restricted to a range of devoted players.