Team Ninja has confirmed its next title, the action role-playing game (RPG) The Rise of the Ronin, is set to release in 2024 exclusively for the PS5.

Rise of the Ronin is a “combat-focused open-world action RPG set in Japan during a time of great change” and has been in the works since 2015.

“Development progressed slowly and freely, much like the mind of a Ronin,” Team Ninja Director and President Fumihiko Yasuda said in the announcement blog post.

According to the blog, The Rise of the Ronin is set at the end of the 19th century when “Japan faces its darkest times as it struggles against its oppressive rulers and deadly diseases while Western influence then permeates that the civil war continues to rage”.

“Here, in this time of chaos, you play as a Ronin character, a warrior bound to no master and free to make his own choices. The game will immerse players “into a world of historical inspiration while bringing together its renowned combat action with Katanas and the like, with new firearms that portray the unique personality of its era.”

According to Yasuda, “At Koei Tecmo, we’ve had many titles in the past that were story-based. But with The Rise of the Ronin, we set out to take the next big step. Using all the skills and knowledge we have acquired over the years, we really wanted to take things to the next level by attempting to describe in detail the most critical revolution in Japanese history, including the most critical chapters. darker and uglier than many will hesitate. . This is undoubtedly the most ambitious and challenging project for Team Ninja Studio to date.

Elsewhere when Sony’s latest State Of Play Tekken 8 was officially announced.

Series director Katsuhiro Harada said on Twitter that the game is “breaking into a new generation.”

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Rise of the Ronin, Team Ninja’s new PS5 exclusive

The story of a ronin at the dawn of a new era for Japan.

Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and Koei Tecmo, Rise of the Ronin is a new open-world action-RPG set in Japan during the late Edo period that spanned 300 years, a period known as the Bakumatsu (end of isolationist politics, sakoku, and modernization of the system feudal shogunate to give birth to the Meiji government).

A trailer for Rise of the Ronin

Fumihiko Yasuda, director and president of Japanese studio Team Ninja, says:

In Rise of the Ronin, Japan struggles against its oppressive rulers and deadly diseases, while Western influence gains ground and civil war continues to rage between the Tokugawa shogunate and anti-shogunate factions. In this troubled time, you play as a ronin, a warrior answerable to no master and free to make his own choices. Rise of the Ronin is a new experience from Team Ninja that will immerse you in a world inspired by history while bringing together the combat action you love so much, where katanas and other blades meet firearms, a mix which illustrates the unique characteristics of this era.

In development for seven years with complete creative freedom, Rise of the Ronin will be released in 2024 only on PS5.


Back home

Here is a rather busy studio: while Team Ninja (Ninja Gaiden, Nioh) is already working on Wo Lang: Fallen Dynastya nervous action game centered on Chinese folklore, the latest State of Play was the occasion for Koei-Tecmo to unveil his next game: Rise of the Ronin. Undoubtedly ideal for those who have not had their dose of feudal Japan on PS5 with Ghost of Tsushima.

Whereas Wo Lang wants to allow Team Ninja to reconnect with its origins with a more uninhibited action, unlike a “darksoulesque” approach with Nioh and Nioh 2, Rise of the Ronin should be a hell of a mix of gameplay influences, some aspects of which are new to the studio, like a seemingly open world.

The sword fights will undoubtedly be the focus of the gameplay, but the protagonist also seems comfortable with the firearms that can be found in Japan from 1863. Indeed, Rise of the Ronin is not so “feudal” as that, and should exploit all a historical context around an unprecedented acceleration of progress in the country at the dawn of the Meiji era and of the Empire of Japan.

Team Ninja indicates that Rise of the Ronin would be in development since more than 7 yearsbut the team would not be against a bit of extra money: the title is expected for during 2024 and will be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive. A simultaneous output on pc therefore cannot be excluded.

Team Ninja Announces Rise of the Ronin

Taking advantage of last night’s State of Play, Team Ninja unveils its next action-adventure game Rise of the Ronin. Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the title will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. However, it will be necessary to be patient since it is not announced before 2024.

Rise of the Ronin takes us to the heart of Japan in 1863. In the shoes of a Ronin, we are immersed in an open world at the very end of the Edo period, a phase of great change often called Bakumatsu. As Japan grapples with growing Western influence, civil war continues to rage between the Tokugawa shogunate and rebel factions.

As a Ronin, ie a samurai who is not bound to any master, you will be free to make your own choices in this conflict. If of course, the mastery of the katana will have no secrets for you, it will be possible to vary the pleasures with, for example, the use of firearms.

Team Ninja here seems to want to immerse players in this historical period of Japan while remaining as authentic as possible. And this, even in the darkest chapters of its history. The characters you will meet throughout the adventure will each have their own notions of justice as well as their own motivations. Every decision you make about them will matter, further enhancing the authenticity of the interactions.

Team Ninja announces an open-world samurai game, Rise of the Ronin

The first trailer shows an open-world game set during Japan’s modernization period after the arrival of Commodore Perry. The main character, an unnamed Ronin, travels across Japan, leaps off buildings and uses gliders.

Set in late Edo period, late 19th century Japan, Rise of the Ronin is set during a tumultuous period of civil war between the shogun and anti-shogunal forces. Players will become the Ronin, a masterless warrior who is free to make his own choices.

Players will be able to use both katanas and new weapons like guns, which began to enter Japan around this time. The developers call this period the “darkest and ugliest chapter” in Japanese history and hope to showcase this new era of the country.

Rise of the Ronin: After Nioh, Team Ninja announces an open-world Action-RPG

We can consider that Team Ninja is one of FromSoftware’s closest competitors in the field of Action-RPGs, Nioh 1 and 2 have a lot in common with Dark Souls for example. After Elden Ring, it’s Team Ninja’s turn to offer an open world, even if in this case, a comparison with Ghost of Tsushima seems more obvious.

A historic game

According to the words of Fumihiko Yasuda, director and president of Team Ninja, Rise of the Ronin is a project started 7 years ago, on which they have been working slowly. However, you will have to be more patient, since it is only intended for 2024, and in provisional exclusivity on PS5 at present.

Rise of the Ronin is an open-world, combat-focused RPG. The story takes place in Japan during a period rich in changes as drastic as they are violent at all levels. The Edo period, also called Bakumatsu lasted 300 years. During this period, the country closed its borders, in order to eliminate external contacts and influences. But in 1853, Commodore Perry and his fleet of ships forced the Shogunate by force of arms, to end this isolation, and to open its borders to Western countries. Rise of the Ronin is set in the late 19th century, when Western influence is rapidly gaining ground on one side, while Japanese rulers oppress the people on the other. A civil war still rages between the Tokugawa shogunate and various factions, and epidemics also regularly strike the country.

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