Through a video on the official account of Koei Tecmo on Youtube, the company has announced that has stopped the development of Dead or Alive 5 permanently.

Yosuke Hayashi, responsible of Team Ninja, has been the one who, in said video, has explained the reasons for the developer to leave the fifth installment of its franchise in half. According to himself:

“Dead or Alive 5 has finally stopped, but the Dead or Alive team is very active (…) It is time to stop what we are doing for now and look to the future. Which means we may not be around for a while, but we hope we can see you again one day. “

Team Ninja, which seems to be not only withdrawing from this project, but will also be withdrawing from a few others, has worked during the last 20 years developing videogames for various platforms, including smartphone. His latest success, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, saw the light in 2015.

This means that we may not show signs of life for a while. But we hope to see you again soon. And I hope you keep your love for Dead or Alive. “

Here you can see the full video of the Team Ninja conference:

They have not advanced how long will they spend in the shadows but we hope to hear from Team Ninja soon and what those are supposed “future plans” which houses the Japanese company.