Telegram has been one of the beneficiaries of the attempt to update WhatsApp policies a few days ago. To take advantage of the momentum, the instant messaging service has been thinking of new strategies to make the transition of users more comfortable. One of them has been presented in its application for iOS and allows moving WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk history to Telegram.

Telegram goes for more users

After some users noticed this change, Telegram pulled the update. It is believed that it is an accident in the middle of a test, but it confirms the intention of offering these options to users who want to join Telegram from other applications.

WhatsApp chat and other apps can be exported to Telegram

Despite the short time online, WABetaInfo tested and detailed how it works. The tool it only requires the user to export their WhatsApp chats, which will be exported as a zip file. Then you can open this file on Telegram via iOS sharing sheet and Telegram will ask which contact or group you want to associate that chat with. Telegram also informs users when chats are imported into a conversation.

View of the tool to export chats to Telegram / WABetaInfo

About, Telegram has not confirmed that the function really works for all users. Even so, it seems a matter of time before the new option is officially announced.

But the truth is that it turns out a great alternative for those users who want to try other instant messaging apps, without losing your conversation history.

WhatsApp has opened a difficult door to close. Perhaps confident of its impact as the most used messaging app in the world, it sent a notification to users about new privacy policies, which if not complied with, would make them lose the right to use the service. And since they never saw it coming, many opted for the second option and applications such as Telegram and Signal have been the winners.

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