Telegram, the secure messaging service, would arrive on WIndows Phone in 2014

The people behind the new instant messaging service Telegram, have announced that their official application would be coming to Windows Phone for January 2014.

For those who do not have it in view, Telegram is a messaging service that was introduced a few months ago and seeks to compete against WhatsApp. To differentiate, Telegram places important emphasis on information securityIn addition, it also promises that it is faster.

Telegram is a non-profit project, therefore, it is totally free and has no advertising or subscriptions. It is maintained by the creators of a Russian social network called VK (formerly VKontakte), and, if necessary, they will go to users to seek financing.

The same announcement on his Twitter account that Telegram will come to Windows Phone (he did not specify if that includes Windows Phone 7.5) by 2014, and shared an image where the application is seen:

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