Telltale Games is no more. The studio is also not finishing the final season of The Walking Dead. Furthermore, an HD remake of the Ace Attorney trilogy has been announced and there are again some nice images from Tokyo Game Show.

It is Saturday, a day when you will hopefully be free and play some games during the day, and maybe even in the evening, or have a good time with friends and family until the wee hours. What would make such a Saturday completely perfect? A new Weekend Watch of course! Unfortunately, it does start with bad news …

Telltale Games closes doors, last season The Walking Dead canceled

Telltale Games is no more. Or well, there are about 25 employees left of the 250 former employees, and they are finishing Minecraft: Story Mode for Netflix. But everyone else is fired and the studio closes its doors after that.

That also means that the fourth season of The Walking Dead will not be finished. That is extra sour, because it was the last season of the series. If all goes well the second episode will be released and then it will stop. The second season of The Wolf Among Us is also not coming.

According to Telltale, the studio has to close its doors because the sales of its games have decreased dramatically in recent times. Well, there has to be money in the drawer, because the company rents a lot of licenses to make games and that certainly cannot be cheap. Goodbye, Telltale …

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy announced

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy was announced on a live stream during the Tokyo Game Show. The HD trilogy has updated 2D graphics and will be released sometime in early 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. Below you can see the first Japanese trailer, but the game will also be available in English.

The first three Ace Attorney games appeared on Nintendo DS and let you attend investigations and court cases like a lawyer. When the games came out a decade and a half ago, people regularly shouted ‘Objection!’. So you can do that again early next year!

Season 6 of Fortnite kicks off this Thursday

Have you already collected all the challenges and all the required XP from Season 5 of Fortnite: Battle Royale? Now is the time to do that, because you have a tight week. Plus, you’ll get 400 percent more XP this weekend, so if there’s ever a time to rake in a lot of XP, it’s now.

In any case, the sixth season of the popular shooter starts next Thursday. It’s still a secret what’s going to happen this season, although in Season 5 we’ve seen more and more bouncy cubes added to the map – and especially a very large one where Loot Lake stood. We will notice in five days!

Incidentally, Epic announced that Season 5 was the most popular season to date, with more than 78.3 million players.

Rocket League has 50 million active players

Talk about a success! There are now 50 million active Rocket League players worldwide. Psyonix reports this via Twitter. That is really a huge amount, and it is extra impressive since the game came out in 2015 and so it has only grown in popularity in all that time.

One of the reasons for Rocket League’s success – in addition to its addictive and simple yet profound gameplay – is that Psyonix continues to support the game with new content. For example, a dlc package based on Hot Wheels will appear on Monday, as you can see in the trailer below. Do you still play Rocket League?

Terminally ill gamer is allowed to use Super Smash Bros. Ultimate already playing Nintendo

Time for the feel-good-story-of-the-day: Chris Taylor is a gamer and a fan of Smash Bros. Unfortunately he is terminally ill. Despite his cancer, he is not discouraged and he would like to know on Reddit before his death the new Smash Bros. want to play for Switch.

Nintendo saw the call and contacted mt Chris. They came to his house with the Super Smash Bros. E3 demo. Ultimate and let him play for three hours with a friend, his brother and his mother. On Twitter he indicates that he is logically very happy. Nice work, Nintendo!

It’s trailer time again!

Yes, there were a lot of trailers in the previous Night Watch. But that’s what you have with the Tokyo Game Show. Also this time the Guard has a number of them in store for you. Here we go!

  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (gameplay)
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ (new character Android 17)
  • Kingdom Hearts III (Sora versus Aqua gameplay)
  • Devil May Cry 5 (gameplay with Dante)
  • Devil May Cry 5 (boss fight with Dante)
  • Super Mario Party (launch trailer)

Vampyr will get a free update next week

This Wednesday, Vampyr will get an update on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC that adds a number of things. First, a Hard Mode will be available, which is even more spicy with spicier enemies and less XP per enemy defeated. In addition, the update also includes the Story Mode difficulty, in which the battles are extra easy so that you can mainly focus on the story.

So if you haven’t started the Vampyr yet or if the game was too easy or too difficult for you, this update might be something for you!