Telltale stops selling The Walking Dead: The Final Season

After the release of the second chapter of The Walking Dead’s Final Season, Telltale decided to stop selling the game, the final parts of which may never be finalized. Although the game is still listed on services like Steam, Xbox Live and PSN and you can download your demo, there is no way to pay for the full experience.

According to information released by GOG, which also sold the season, the developer asked that sales be closed “temporarily”. Those who already have the game in their library can already access the first two chapters, but those who had not made the purchase do not have this option.

The closure in sales comes shortly after the company announced that some partners had contacted it to help end Clementine’s story. The information was deemed to be a bad tone by developers and former employees, given the fact that the more than 230 laid-off developers had no compensation for the time they devoted to the company.