The creator of The Walking Dead rescues Clementine, the System Shock remaster is back on track and Taipei is disqualified from the Hearthstone Global Games. This and more in the WKNDW8 of October 7, 2018!

A little disclaimer before we start: The Guard’s chunky Game / Work PC was killed yesterday, so this Guard is brought from a rickety laptop with a dredge keyboard – so there’s a chance that it might have a little more typos or errors in it than usual. Excuse!

Telltale’s The Walking Dead is completed by Skybound Games

“Come on, we couldn’t lose Rick AND Clem in one year” – said Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comics. Kirkman has recently started his own game studio – Skybound Games. That studio says it has now reached a deal with Telltale Games to complete The Final Season.

They also hope to keep the team that worked on the game at Telltale as intact as possible. The question is, of course, whether the ex-crew of Telltale wants to come back, or whether the deal with Skybound can also change the situation with the severance pay that all developers missed out on. Either way, Clem is back!

We’re SO happy to announce that we’ve reached a deal with @telltalegames that will allow Skybound to continue #TheWalkingDead: The Final Season! Let’s wrap up Clem’s story right! More details to come soon.

– Skybound Games (@skyboundgames) October 7, 2018

System Shock Remaster is coming 2020

Do you remember that kickstarter from 2016? Developer Night Dive studios then raised a whopping 1.3 million to make a remaster of the classic System Shock. In February of this year, things were just put on hold, because the devs were a bit lost. They got to work so enthusiastically that they lost sight of the original game’s vision a bit.

Now there is good news – the team is back at it and they just dropped a new trailer. Everything is of course still Work In Progress, but it all looks a bit slicker than the original. Nightdive Studios themselves say that these high-res textures will act as a kind of blueprint for the team as they update the art, lighting and level design. All Kickstarter backers will be able to experience this Alpha themselves very soon.

Chinese Taipei disqualified from the Hearhtstone Global Games

De Wacht is not very fond of E-sports, but this news was nevertheless interesting. A player from the Chinese Hearthstone team Taipei has been disqualified after it became clear that he was watching his opponent’s stream in order to gain the upper hand. There is a 15 minute delay in the broadcast of Hearhtstone matches, but if a match lasts longer than 15 minutes you could theoretically watch your opponent’s actions. This allowed the Chinese player to see that his opponent discarded a certain card at the start of the match, allowing him to play more aggressively.

The Guard doesn’t speak Chinese, but according to Reddit, this is when it became clear that cheating was taking place:

New Pharah Skin Revealed For Halloween

More Blizzard news! The Overwatch Twitter account has announced a new skin for Pharah. This headless armor set can be found in the lootboxes from October 9 to October 31, when the “Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018” event is underway. Hebbon!

That’s the spirit.

BOO-P your enemies as ENCHANTED ARMOR PHARAH (Legendary)!

Overwatch Halloween Terror begins Oct 9!

– Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) October 6, 2018

Rumor: Rocksteady is working on new Arkham game

Where it was recently rumored that Rocksteady would be working on a Justice League game, a Resetera user now comes up with something completely different. According to them, Rocksteady is working on a new part in the Arkham series, DC’s Arkham Universe. Here are the highlights of what is being claimed:

– Rocksteady isn’t doing that Harry Potter game – that’s Avalanche Software.
– There is no Justice League or Superman game in development.
– Title: DC’s Arkham Universe
– Release Date: Fall 2019
– You can play with the entire bat family (Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Batwoman, Catwoman, Red Hood), also in freeroam
Gotham is 1.5x the size of Arkham Knight
– The city is “alive”, has a day / night cycle and weather (rain, snow, etc.)
– Random crimes: Car chases, bank robberies, street robbery
– The story takes inspiration from various Court of Owls storylines. The Court of Owls is therefore the main villain

This would be Rocksteady’s “last hoorah” in terms of Batman games. Of course, take all of this with a few kilos of salt, because you never know with rumors like this.

Twitch Streamer Disguised Toast shows you how much Streamers earn

In a YouTube video that has already garnered almost 400,000 views, well-known streamer Disguised Toast explains how much a Streamer actually earns. The Guard knew that you could earn quite a bit of money with Streaming, but WOW. In addition to money from advertisements and subscriptions, someone with 10,000 viewers can thus earn $ 1,000-10,000 an hour playing a sponsored game. It is of course quite an achievement to achieve such a number of viewers, but still. Bizarre.

That was him again for this WeekendWacht. Later!

De Wacht is going to see if he can breathe new life into his game system. Wish me luck!