With a new gameplay trailer, Bigben and Breakpoint are showing the career mode of Tennis World Tour for the first time.

In your career, your goal is to become the best professional tennis player in the world. You will also take part in exhibition matches and tournaments, among other things.

“Resting or training – every decision is important and has an impact on your career. When one match follows another or when jet set life rules everyday life, fatigue catches up with the athlete at some point – performance drops and the risk of injury increases “, is it[called

You have to find the right balance and not only win and earn money, but also hire staff, buy equipment and pay tournament entry fees.

If you have reached place 1, resting is not enough. There are various goals to be achieved, such as winning the four Grand Slams or remaining undefeated for a season.

The game will be released on May 22nd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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