Thanks to John Boyega, he doesn’t ask for more from Star Wars

Don’t really expect to see the actor who plays Finn in another Star Wars movie or series.

A post about John Boyega’s latest film was posted on Instagram, and his own fans asked the actor here if he would ever be featured in another Star Wars movie theater. They got a pretty clear answer.

Boyega, however, has appeared in a total of three films, in all three parts of the new trilogy, like Finn, who became a rebel from the first-order assault squad. Well, we can practically account for that far, far galaxy Star Wars: The Age of Skywalker was the last film in which he also appeared, as Boyega simply answered that question:

“Lol, thanks, but I’d rather not. I’ve gone beyond that.”

At the end of his answer, let’s say even a heart emojit at the end of his response, so there’s probably no anger between him and Lucasfilm, it’s just that he doesn’t want to be tied to that role all his life. By the way, his farewell does not mean that we will not be able to see Finn anymore either, as the character can still appear smoothly in animated series or even comics.