That would be the case in the Dead Space isometric view

A team called The Brotherhood has already dreamed of isometric versions of several legendary games, now it’s the turn of the iconic horror of Visceral.

The isometric view may no longer be as popular today as it was at the time of the rise of the Diablo or Fallout series; AAA studios tend to opt for TPS or FPS display, as they can show much more detail to a particular world, which is why indie developers today typically use this perspective. However, in addition to game development, a small team is working to see the biggest blockbusters from a bird’s eye view as well.

Enthusiastic coders from The Brotherhood are once again dreaming of a scene or scene from the classic video game franchises that tickes under the recently released Beautiful Desolation (coming soon for testing) and STASIS. They had previously buzzed Fallout 4 to flash back to the roots of the series to flash an isometric view.

While we’re visibly talking about screenshots, unfortunately, these versions aren’t available to one-time players so we can look around the tracks from a whole new perspective. Still, it’s worth visiting the guys ’Imgur page as you can see titles remodeled like Dead Space, Doom, Mass Effect and The Legend of Zelda. In this gallery you could also see a couple:

Which title would you play in an isometric view as well?

  • Developer: Visceral Games
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
  • Style: Action, TPS

Dead Space 3 is an externally looking survivor horror game that is already the third episode of the franchise.