That’s why the new Batmobil is the most special bat vehicle ever

The bat cart of Matt Reeves Batman’s film is completely different from what we’ve seen in previous cinemas, so we thought it might be worthwhile to look at where this form-breaking design, yet reminiscent of classic lines, came from.

We recently got to know the latest Batmobile, which has certainly been pretty divisive, like the inclusion of Robert Pattinson and the new Batman costume. Some adore it, while others say the new design is downright awful, which clearly breaks Tim Timton and Joel Schumacher with the direction of the films, as well as Nolan’s hyperrealistic, tank look, so in the end he reveals something quite new. The fact of the matter, however, is that this vehicle is not as new as we might think at first glance, but it undoubtedly takes a completely different direction than previous cinematic solutions.

When comics learn from movies

It is usually clear that the comics themselves serve as inspiration for cinematic adaptations based on booklets, but sometimes this process is reversed. A great example of this is the costume of the X-Men mutants: at the 2000 X-Men – Outsiders cinema, the costume designers did not dare to embrace the multicolored catkin cavalcade seen in the comics in the field of superhero editors, so they opted for a uniform black leather jacket. Barely a year later, in May 2001, Grant Morrison’s New X-Men comic book series, which works wonders, also threw costumes in all the colors of the rainbow and dressed the members of the mutant superhero team in a similar set as the first movie.

In the case of Spider-Man, the adaptation of the organic web thrower was similar to this: originally, in the comics, Peter himself made the structure with which he could shoot cobweb-like material, but in Sam Raimi’s trilogy, he didn’t need such gadgets. The Other storyline in The Amazing Spider-Man comic book series was launched in 2005, and during the story, Peter Parker first died and then quickly came up with new abilities – it’s a remarkably good story, which was also published in Hungarian, so be sure to replace it. , if you may have missed it so far. I guess you’ve already figured out that one of the new superpowers thus gained has just been the shooting of the organic net – so you practically shot the net in your wrist, just like Tobey Maguire in the movies. Well, if we take a closer look at Batman’s vehicles so far, we can discover a system similar to those mentioned in them as well.

A tank or a spaceship, but by no means a wagon

In the comics, Batman has a plethora of different verdas, with a gang of cars (and other vehicles) lined up in the huge bat cave garage waiting for a member of the bat family to embark on a mission with them. It’s actually up to the graphics in that booklet to choose which one to choose from (maybe you’ll come up with a brand new one), but one thing’s true for pretty much all Batmobiles: they don’t look like cars. They look more like some kind of futuristic tank or spaceship than a real vehicle. And the most interesting thing about the whole thing is that this line was not started by the comics themselves. Nolan’s trilogy and “bat tank” pushed the design of the Batmobiles the most in the high-tech direction, but even before that, the vehicle production of Schumacher films was quite futuristic, and we can agree that Burton’s classic Batmobile would make a big difference even in 2020. on Andrássy út.

Oddly enough, in the Batman comics before that movie, the painters chose rather down-to-earth solutions, in fact most bat cars looked like a real car, with unreasonable bat logos worried in a few places. And that direction actually lasted almost uninterrupted until the ’90s. In 1988, for example, even in the stories of Jim Starlin, he dreamed of the car of the artist, Jim Aparo Batman, as shown in the picture below. While the Batmobilon has two spherical windshields that clearly pay homage to the batman seen in the 1960s Batman series (practically elevating this design element from there), otherwise the car looks like a car in one of its details. it would be a real car.

Not going from your own head?

Not long after, however, as a result of the films, the increasingly extreme Batmobiles also appeared in DC Comics booklets. But why did we have to wait all this way? Can’t the drawers come up with a couple of decent bat cars? The thing is, most illustrators agree that it is difficult to draw vehicles dirty. Dreaming of cars that could work in real life requires a lot of extra skills and skills that aren’t necessarily found even in the repertoire of the best graphic designers. This is why it is common practice to copy some or all of the elements of these cars from somewhere (say a photo) to form a comic book vehicle. In contrast, the cinema team needs to build Batmobiles that can actually function as cars during filming. From here, it’s no longer hard to put together why the films had such an impact on the comic book depictions, and why Burton’s greetings return so many times in the booklets, Schumacher, or Nolan’s design.

The new is the old

And now let’s turn back to the new cinema and the Batmobil that Robert Pattinson will be driving. This vehicle, as mentioned before, on the one hand is going in a whole new direction at the level of movies, as it is a real car that has been modified somewhat, but it is clear that it is based on a real, existing car (just look at it). , as they even have brake lights). However, this new idea, on the other hand, is a setback, a kind of reversal to the pre-’90s Batman booklets, in which Batmobil was still (or became) a real car. It will be very interesting to see how much this comes in for viewers (especially hardline DC Comics fans) and what impact it will have on the comic bringing up of DC after a possible success, so in practice this “retro” line can also be echoed in booklets. . Personally, I’d be happy if, after the bat tanks and mini spaceships, there was finally some sort of variety in action in the comics as well, so I don’t mind the Batmobil that is actually a automobile. Of course, just as everyone else has a personal favorite in the field of bats, it is true in the case of Batmobiles that there are as many spectators / readers as there are different ideas, trends and favorite designs.

Finally, I think we should be grateful for the fact that the creators of the new Batman film did not go back to the 1950s in search of inspiration, because in that case we could have got a Batmobil similar to the one below, which is infinitely cute and very unique. , maybe it still doesn’t meet current expectations.

Which comic or movie Batmobil have you liked the most so far? There’s plenty to choose from, so tell us about it below, in the comments, and we’re also curious to see how much the latest design, the The Batman Batmobil for 2021, has won your liking.