People are going completely crazy when it comes to customizing their iPhone with iOS 14 thanks to the new widgets included in this update, and the Shortcuts app trick to change the icons.

If you are one of those who wants to take this customization to the maximum, here you go 20 apps you need to install. They all have amazing widgets that you can edit however you want.

20 widget apps for iOS 14


One of the best apps to create custom widgets. We can change the size, what appears inside, the colors, the font, and just about anything to create amazing widgets.

Color Widgets

Another one of those apps that you must download. It offers different informative widget templates that we can also edit, both the fonts and the colors.

Photo Widget

An app to explore your photos. You can create Fully custom widgets with one or more photos, you can choose which photos you want to show.


A widget for create custom notes and not forgetting anything. The best thing is that it allows a lot of customization, and we can choose the color or background photo.

Rotary clock

An app with a rotating classic clock which now includes widgets, you can customize them in various colors.

Photobox Widget

Another photo widget that allows us a lot of customization, such as choose the photos, their position and a small text, an interesting option.

Motivation Widget

A widget with hundreds of positive and motivational quotes that will change throughout the day, perfect to get a smile or motivate you in your day to day.

Home Photo Widget

The photo widgets are very popular, and this option allows us to add photos or albums to a widget to see it on the home screen of our iPhone.

Date today

The calendar, date, time, battery and some other options are available in this amazing customizable widget. You can create a small widget with a lot of information.

Hey weather

A weather widget with a very nice unique design, probably one of the best. It allows you add many kinds of weather related widgets and customize them as you like, colors, icons …


A widget that tells you the time, that simple. You can configure that the time of several cities also appear.


A widget app to create them the way you like them, no two options will be the same thanks to its numerous editing tools.

Glimpse 2

Add your favorite web pages to a widget on your home screen. You can choose the area of ​​the web that they remove, how often it is updated and much more. Pressing it will open the web in Safari

Widget Wizard

You can create widgets for anything, calendars, health, clock, stopwatch, reminders … and everything is perfectly customizable.

Launcher with multiple widgets

An app that already offered very interesting widgets and that is renewed in iOS 14. You can create widgets with access to certain functions, such as calling a contact, all you have to do is create a shortcut first with that action.


This widget adds to-do lists to complete throughout our day, easy to see at a glance everything we need to do.

Clock Widget

You can have up to 6 different clocks with the hours of the cities you choose, in addition, they are customizable in style and colors.


Ermine is a monthly calendar with widgets. This app makes it easy to keep track of your events with a simple, clean design that’s packed with little details.

Love calendar

Don’t forget your anniversary anymore. Have special widgets to celebrate dates that have been important to you and your partner.

Colorful Widget

Colorful Widget allows you to configure a personalized home screen with a unique theme. Home screen widgets include wallpapers, clocks, weather, and daily texts.

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