iPhone charging

Forrest Gump said that “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what is going to touch you.” And that’s the way it is, because as soon as you dive into online stores you will find real surprises. In our eagerness to surprise, we have searched Amazon for the most iPhone or iPad chargers interesting and strange that you can find.

And what if we have achieved it, nothing less than 3 little jewels that will catch your attention and that of those who contemplate it. We bring some charging accessories that you have never seen before, but if you have something of a geek spirit and want to leave their mouths open, take a look at these 3 chargers.

The 3 strangest iPhone chargers

Apple wireless charger

The wireless charger desired by all fans of the Cupertino brand. It can charge devices of all kinds that support this charging standard and it is very eye-catching. The apple leaf turns red if the device is not charging correctly, blinks blue if it is charging, and turns off if the phone is ready. You sure want to have it now!

Electric Hand Warmer

We are already in autumn and in some regions it starts to get cold. Why not buy an external battery that simultaneously charges your iPhone warms your hands? Ideal for those moments when we cannot get warm. It takes up very little, has very chic kitty ears and has a 6,000 mAh battery. You can put it at 50 or 60 degree temperature. An invention!

Unicorn charger

With 2,600 mAh, it is a very cool external battery that can be used to carry it in your bag or backpack without taking up hardly any space. It is ideal for lovers of mythology, since the unicorn is that missing link of the animal species. And it has an added advantage, it is the favorite of children. Do not resist and buy it for less than you think.

Have you already thought about which is the one that best suits your tastes? These chargers and external batteries they do not leave anyone indifferentYou either love them or you hate them, so if you can’t resist, you know where to find them.

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