The 31 hidden tips and tricks to get your new Mac off to a good start

You have woken up, you have run to the Christmas tree, you have seen the package that the kings have brought you and wham: someone must have behaved very well because a new Mac has fallen. And you want to start using it without making beginner mistakes, so here we leave you a list with the best tricks and hidden features for your new Mac. We go with them.

The best tricks and hidden features to unlock your new Mac

The basic options to look at before the rest

  • As soon as you start, something useful is to activate the right click mouse for easy access to system context menus. Do you have a trackpad? Then you just have to click with two fingers at the same time to access them.

  • Surely the autocorrect is something that will bother you at certain startup times with the Mac. So you can disable it.

  • Be careful with activating the cloud synchronization of the folders ‘Documents’ and ‘Desktop’ in iCloud Drive: they can occupy all the space of your cloud in a matter of minutes. Check it in ‘System Preferences’, ‘Apple ID’ section.

  • To uninstall an application you can remove it directly or use more advanced programs with extra advantages. Here are the differences between the two methods.

  • If you need to format a disk on the Mac, we will tell you the existing formats that you can use.

  • Remember: Flash is already obsolete. The best thing you can do if you have installed it by mistake is to remove it.

  • Many applications want to start automatically when you start your Mac. Remove as many as possible so that the system startup is not unnecessarily slow. We explain it here along with more tricks that will improve the performance of the computer.

System customization tips

  • If you don’t like the resolutions that macOS offers you by default, you can always force the system to offer you more optional resolutions.

  • You can tint the windows the color you prefer on macOS windows. Here’s how to do it along with other quick tricks for macOS Big Sur.

  • If you are one of those who spend entire afternoons customizing the system, here you have more than 1,000 free icons for it.

  • Memojis are not just for iPhones with Face ID: here are the steps to create one from your new Mac.

  • FaceTime calls between groups can be dizzy if everyone talks at the same time. Here’s how to set a size for all participants in the video call.

  • Remember that with macOS Big Sur you can pin iMessage conversations at the top of the sidebar.

  • Don’t you like that Safari closes the window when you close its tabs? Here is a trick to avoid it.

Get more out of your Mac keyboard with shortcuts and shortcuts

  • You can use Spotlight as a calculator, unit converter of all kinds or even as a currency converter. Check it by writing the operation yourself or a quantity in a unit of measure in the search engine.

  • Closing an application window can be done by pressing CMD + W. But if you want to completely exit that application, you have to press CMD + Q.

  • Do you want to empty the trash immediately, without even being asked for confirmation? Press CMD + ALT + SHIFT + delete.

  • Chrome can be awkward when it asks you to hold down the CMD + Q keys for a few seconds to close the browser. Here is a guide to disable that option.

  • One recommendation: disable the option to reopen all windows when you restart your Mac. This will ensure that the boot is clean.

Be a productivity ace

  • For import documents or photos from an iPhone or iPad no need to go into complications: you have the option in the secondary menu of the desktop.

  • Printing a document just to sign and resubmit it digitally is from the past decade. So you can do it directly.

  • If you need maximum performance from your portable Mac, you can use this trick to disable optimized battery charging.

  • If you trust Apple more than any third-party developer, you can turn the Reminders app into a basic GTD manager.

  • If you use Mail, remember that we recently taught you how to send messages from senders you block directly to the trash.

  • Safari bookmarks and bookmarks are two different things. Learn to distinguish them.

Other secret macOS features and tricks

  • If you accumulate series and movies pending to see on your Mac, you can make a playlist from the TV application.

  • It is very likely that your new Mac has an M1 chip, so it is worth checking if the applications you download are already prepared to work with the new architecture.

  • In the apple menu you will find the option ‘About this Mac’. From there you can check your computer’s storage and delete what you don’t need.

  • Downloading YouTube videos to your Mac is easy, without relying on web pages that are often full of ads. Here we explain how.

  • Safari is a much more flexible browser than you might think. Good proof of this are all its extensions.

  • The same goes for Photos: did you not know that you can remove the background of an image without depending on other programs? In the end, you may not need a more professional editor for what you are looking for.