Just a few days ago WhatsApp was updated with 5 great news, and one of them was the arrival of animated stickers. Yes, it is something that comes quite late that other platforms such as Telegram or iMessage already had, but it is a novelty in WhatsApp. After all, WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world And any change, no matter how small, affects millions of people.

Today WhatsApp has included 4 new animated sticker packs in your application that you are waiting to start using. You just have to download them and start using them and share them with your contacts. In order to download or view these animated stickers you need to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on our iPhone from the App Store.

How to download the new animated WhatsApp stickers

WhatsApp now has 4 new animated sticker packs that we can download from your store, although this type of stickers can also be downloaded from other applications or from the web. WhatsApp has some completely free sticker packs and this is how you can download them to your iPhone:

  • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone, remember to have the latest updated version.
  • In the text box you will see a stickers icon, click on it.
  • The most used stickers will be opened and above you will see the downloaded packs.
  • On the right side click on the “+”.
  • The WhatsApp sticker store will open.
  • The ones with an icon with a «play» are the animated sticker packs, now we have 4 new ones.
  • Just click on the arrow on the right to download them to your iPhone and share them.

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One time downloaded these new packs of animated stickers will be available to share from the stickers tab, by clicking on the sticker icon in the text box. A long-awaited novelty for years and that WhatsApp is now incorporating quite quickly with new packs.

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