Despite Apple’s effort with its videos to explain everything we can do with iOS, there are still a lot of lagging users who do not know how to make the most of their terminal, using each gesture and using each function. Are you one of them? This article is for you, so they never have to explain anything about your iPhone to you again and that you master it perfectly, shall we begin?

7- Darken your iPhone screen quickly

Beyond being able to regulate the screen brightness of our device there is a possibility that allows us to darken it directly without having to access the Control Center or Settings. We owe this to the Zoom function on the screen, which also allows us to go one step beyond even the minimum brightness of the system, to activate this function you must follow these steps:

  • 1st Opens Settings and go to Accessibility.

  • 2nd Within Accessibility click on Zoom.

  • 3rd Now is the time to configure this option, and we will go to Zoom region, where we will select Full zoom.

  • 4th We will continue with the option Zoom filter, and we will press Low light.

We have to have the zoom menu as in the screenshot below:

Once we have the low light filter active, touch assign a command to activate this option quickly.

  • 5th We go back to the menu Accessibility within Settings, and we slide to the bottom, where it says Quick function.

  • 6th In Quick function We can choose an option to be activated by pressing the Home button three times on iPhones with TouchID or the side button three times on iPhones that have FaceID. We will select Zoom.

With all these options configured now we can, thanks to the quick function, decrease the intensity of the brightness on the screen with a triple press on the Home button or with (check iPhone 11).

6- Organize your cards in Wallet

When using Wallet, the cards are added in chronological order from the first to the last that you have registered, either for payment cards or loyalty cards and boarding passes. However, we can move them at will to order them to taste. Simply, with the fan of cards folded, press and hold the one you want to change position on, you will see how it rises slightly. Then, without releasing the press, slide across the screen until it is in the position of your choice.

Regarding bank cards, the one that we place first at the bottom will become our default payment card in Apple Pay, and the one that will be activated by default when we enter Wallet by pressing the Home button twice on the iPhone with TouchID or on the unlock button on iPhones with FaceID.

5- Quickly react to messages in the Apple messaging app

There is a function called Tapback that allows us in the app Posts React to a message both sent and received in a chat quickly with an emoticon. To do this, we just have to press and hold on the message balloon until the iPhone gives us a haptic response and opens a small menu in which we can select our reaction, as well as copy it.

4- Delete digits from the calculator quickly

If you are a user of the iPhone calculator, you will have noticed that does not have a key to delete the digits that we have written on the display. This is because instead of using a keyboard space for this, Apple decided to implement a more ingenious option, although unknown to many.

To delete a digit on the calculator we simply have to slide our finger from left to right or vice versa across the display, and our last figure will disappear.

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3- Move several apps at the same time

When it comes to organizing the home screens of our iPhone, moving the apps one by one can become really tedious. Luckily there is the possibility of moving several at the same time, for this you just have to follow these steps:

  • 1st Put the apps in edit mode by holding down one of them and selecting Edit home screen.

  • 2nd With the edit mode active, we go to one of the apps that we want to move, and we press and hold on it.

  • 3rd At the same time that we keep pressing, with another finger or directly with the other hand we scroll through the screens and click on all those apps that we want to move together. These will be stacked on top of the one that you initially pressed and the one that you are holding down.

When you have all the apps you want to move stacked just drag them to where you want to place them and drop, the stack will unravel and spread across the selected space.

2- Better organize the content of your notes

Although the app Grades It already offers us a very useful bullet and enumeration option, we can go one step further and create different bullet levels, simply by sliding our finger.

For this, we will write the items of our note using the bullet, and then we will slide to the right on them so that the second level bullet is activated. We can do this several times, so we can enumerate within the enumeration itself.

1- Set a timer for the music

Are you one of those who like to go to bed listening to music? Would you like the music to stop automatically after a while? Within the clock options you can configure this.

Simply play the album or list you want, and while it is playing go to the app Clock, to the tab Timer. Here we will configure the timer for the time we want to play, and in the option At the end we will select Stop playback. When the stipulated time passes, the music will stop automatically.

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