The advent of World of Warcraft Classic has also had a positive impact on the traffic of an adult movie site

The return of the great classic was also felt in a not-so-kid-friendly corner of the internet.

It’s not uncommon for a new game or movie to trigger the imagination of people who then search for related content not only on YouTube but also on some adult video site. Last year, for example, several heroes of the Overwatch were especially popular in this field, and this time an older franchise from Blizzard came into the spotlight.

The World of Warcraft Classic has arrived, which immediately dragged both old and new fans back to Azeroth, and understandably the internet is also full of Blizzard classics lately. What’s more, when we started, there was so much interest in MMORPGs that we sometimes had to wait up to hours before we could get into one of the servers. True to the good habit of one of the largest adult film sites, it has now published statistics.

As you can see in the graph below, on August 26, there were 210% more searches for “warcraft” than the daily average, which can’t be a coincidence, as we really had to line up long enough to get into the game at that time. Since then, the situation has improved a bit, and now we also know that probably not everyone has hit time with milling while waiting.

How do you like World of Warcraft Classic so far?