Sonic the Hedgehog, the animated series based on the Sega character, is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

Although now Sonic is living a new return to the front page for the film in real action that adapts his adventures, and that generated a great controversy with the first designs of his hedgehog, the truth is that this Sega character is already an old acquaintance in the audiovisual world in addition to video games.

In fact, in the early 90s starred in his own television series, Sonic the Hedgehog, which was produced by Telecinco and ran until 1994. A series that gained a large fan base, either among those who played consoles and those who did not, as well as being very well received by critics.

So for all of them we have great news: Amazon Prime Video The first season of the animated series Sonic the Hedgehog is now available on its platform, to reach the heart of all the nostalgic. Although this was not the first series starring the blue hedgehog, it was the one that most liked since its tone was very different from its predecessor, The Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog, much more childish. For example, in the first series, Doctor Eggman was a clumsy one, but in the one in the 90s he became an evil dictator who had subdued the planet Mobius.

For its part, Paramount Pictures is already developing the sequel of Sonic: The movie that he hopes to start shooting throughout this year to be able to release it on April 8, 2022, we will see if it finally succeeds.

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