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It’s time to get an Apple Watch Series 7 on the Amazon site, which offers you a nice price not to be missed.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is the most recent of the connected watches developed by Apple. At the moment, you can buy the Apple connected watch at a bargain price from Amazon for only 409 euros with a 50 euro discount, i.e. 11% of its initial price. Its gray color will be versatile, modern and timeless at the same time, it will suit both boys and girls and can be worn whatever your style.

With an exemplary rating of 4.8 out of 5 awarded by more than 1500 customer reviews, you are sure to make the right choice and invest in a product that is both useful and will last over time. To know everything about your state of health, follow your performance during training and much more, fall for its reduced price on Amazon.

Apple Watch: the latest version, the Series 7, is on sale

Only 409 euros for the latest Apple Watch Series 7 is unheard of and yet this is the offer that Amazon offers you to discover on its site now. The opportunity for you to save 50 euros. Now you can take calls or reply to messages directly from your connected watch, so you no longer need to have your phone on you to stay connected to others. Follow your training and the evolution of your performance via detailed statistics valid for many sports such as swimming, yoga, running or even dancing. Performing an EKG has never been easier than with your Apple Watch Series 7. It can also alert you to an elevated heart rate or measure your blood oxygen levels. Its Retina screen has been enlarged by 20% for easier use and better visibility. Certified IP6X, your watch is resistant to dust and water.

It’s not often that we find the Apple Watch Series 7 45mm on sale and it’s now!

L’Apple Watch Series 7 is the latest generation of the smartwatch made in Apple. It is the culmination of all the firm’s know-how in the field, and is one of the best on the smartwatch market. The model 45mm is rarely on sale: it therefore seemed necessary to alert you to the fact that it is currently at a reduced price of 11% on Amazon.

A promo on the largest model of Apple Watch 7

For a Apple Watch Series 7 45mmit usually takes a price of 459 €. Thanks to the 11% discount currently applied by Amazon, the watch arrives at 409 €. A very good price for a watch that is just as good.

Note that this is the model with the GPS connectivity only, and a Sport Minuit bracelet – with a 45 millimeter dial, therefore, that is to say the largest of the two alternatives offered by Apple (41 or 45 mm).

The Apple Watch Series 7, queen of connected watches

Like many products from the Apple firm, the Apple Watch was a pioneer in its field. It imposes itself, still today, as a benchmark in the connected watch markets. The Series 7, the latest version, includes all the advantages that one is entitled to expect from such a product.

The Retina display, with a surface area 20% larger than that of the previous generation Series 6, has the function “Always On Display”. Unlike some watches whose screen only turns on when you raise your wrist, this one displays your favorite dial at any time of the day, just like a real watch, without compromising battery life however — you’ll have enough to last all day.

This screen, like the watch as a whole, is IP6X certified: a dust and water resistance standardwhich tells you that this watch can accompany you in the shower or on a hike.

From this famous screen, you can answer your calls, check your notifications, send messages, control your playlists… The Apple Watch syncs to your iPhone to become its logical continuity, and allow you to perform certain tasks when you can’t take your smartphone out of your pocket.

Thanks to Apple Paythe Apple Watch 7 also allows you to pay on all credit card terminals equipped with “contactless”, without having to take out your credit card or your smartphone.

Multiple sensors track your cardiac frequencybut also the oxygen levels in your bloodand all kinds of activity data, like the number of calories burned during a fitness session or the number of steps taken in a day.

The watch also monitors the quality of your sleep cyclesand alerts you to abnormal heart rhythms, making it an excellent companion for your health.

In short, theApple Watch Series 7 is a queen among smartwatches. If you’re loyal to the Apple ecosystem and don’t yet have a smartwatch, this promo is the perfect opportunity to take the plunge. And if however the color of the bracelet does not please you, the €50 off will allow you to set your sights on one of the (many) other models in compatible materials and colors: just unclip and reclip the dial on the strap of your choice!

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First product in our selection, the Apple Watch Series 7 connected watch optimized for iOS smartphones. Elegant, it connects to your phone via Bluetooth to communicate all the data collected on your wrist.

This can be data related to all your sports activities, with calories burned, heart rate, time on each sport, etc. But also nocturnal data with the phases of light, deep and paradoxical sleep.

The exchange of data is two-way and with the watch it is possible to display notifications from the smartphone, but also to respond to them. Just as it is possible to take your calls thanks to the microphone and the speaker of the watch.