The best alternatives to Humble Bundle with cheap game packs

Humble Bundle will be 10 years old in a few months and besides showing us that time flies, it has also helped many other companies to join the great idea that they have managed to popularize: selling discounted game packs by focusing on where the money is going.

Over the years Humble Bundle Dozens of imitators emerged who over time fell and were born in equal parts. But despite the fact that many of those who tried to take advantage of the first wave are no longer available – or have been acquired by alternatives like the ones you’ll see below – there are still a handful of pages that keep the same. mind. These are the best we have found.


A page very much in line with what has been seen in the Humble Bundle. Fanatic has several constant packs of games, comics and e-books, but also adds various ideas that may be interesting depending on how lucky you are at the time.

On the one hand, the packs that you can ride like you want choose between several games, on the other hand mystery packs with up to 10 games for less than 10 euros (recommended to check on Reddit or on the forums which games are included before jumping into the pool).


the IndieGala This is another proposal very much in line with what has been seen in the Humble Bundle. As they also have a store with a good handful of offers and several packs which are renewed periodically.

Her great asset is that she usually give games every now and then, so it’s a good option to enrich your library with smaller, more experimental ideas.

Humble Monthly a year later. Is it worth paying?


Groups It’s a good proposition that also includes music and comic book packs as well as games and DLC, but it is relatively variable and you always come across great packs as well as less interesting ones.

The best offer you can put the glove on is the packs in which you choose which games to get or those who unlock new titles when they reach certain milestones in charitable giving. However, they are not very common, so you need to be careful what they add.


DailyIndieGame This is probably the weakest option on the list. The idea here is to present nine game packs at ridiculous prices, even at 0,99 euros, but their quality goes a little in the direction.

Don’t expect to get a triple A in these packs, so it’s worth saving a little and targeting more attractive deals. Either way, the option is there.