The best Black Friday deals on wireless and traditional chargers compatible with iPhone and Apple Watch

The introduction of MagSafe chargers (not to be confused with the technology that was used in MacBook chargers a few years ago) for iPhones seems to indicate that Apple wants get rid of connectors on their iPhones sooner rather than later, and it may be the next generation that has the honor of being the first without physical ports.

If you also think that cables have no place in the future of Apple smartphones, the recharging of your battery will be done entirely through Qi wireless technology, like the one we can find in more and more bases of all kinds of manufacturers. In this article we propose several models that are on sale for Black Friday.

Belkin Dual Wireless Charger

This alternative from the renowned manufacturer of accessories for mobile devices Belkin has two zones for wireless charging the battery of up to two devices compatible with Qi technology simultaneously. It is functional with light plastic cases of less than 3 mm and the total power is 10W. It is on sale for 49.99 euros 34.99 euros.

Apple-shaped wireless charging pad

Apple fans can find a double function in this curious wireless charging pad: recharge your iPhone battery and decoration piece. Compatible with Qi technology and a maximum power of 10W, it has a non-slip rubber base to prevent it from slipping while charging the device. It is reduced to 24.99 euros and 16.40 euros.

Belkin BoostUp Charging Base

Another Belkin proposal is BoostUp, which allows you to wirelessly recharge the battery of an iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. In addition, its rear USB-A port gives the option of recharging the battery of a third device via cable, such as the AirPods. In black we have it on Amazon for 149.99 euros 94.99 euros.

Native Union Wireless Charging Dock

If you are looking for a designer wireless charging base, one of the best options on the market is this one from Native Union, covered with genuine italian leather. It is compatible with fast wireless charging of 10W, although in the iPhone it is limited to 7.5W. It implements foreign object detection and thermal protection to ensure safety. Get it much cheaper for Black Friday on Amazon: 119.99 euros 59.99 euros.

Belkin SoundForm Elite

Recharge your iPhone’s battery while listening to your favorite music in high definition with the Belkin SoundForm Elite dock + speaker, a device with audio signed by Devialet which provides high-quality sound. It integrates compatibility with Alexa and AirPlay 2, resulting in a fairly complete device. On Amazon it is 100 euros cheaper for Black Friday, at 299.99 euros 133.33 euros.

Soundcore Wakey

Manufacturers have taken to unifying wireless charging bases with other accessories, mainly speakers. Soundcore has developed Wakey, a 10W wireless charging alarm clock Bluetooth speaker that has an FM radio tuner. It includes 10 ambient sounds to stimulate sleep, as well as the possibility of setting up to 15 alarms with 10 different tones. Wake up in a better mood for 99.99 euros 69.99 euros on Amazon.

Belkin BoostCharge

Another wireless charging base with built-in speaker comes (again) from Belkin, although with a simpler and cheaper proposal than the previous one. The Belkin Boost Charge (59.99 euros 39.99 euros) allows recharge the iPhone in two positions with a power of 7.5W (it is 10W), and play multimedia content with better sound through its built-in speaker.

ESR USB-C Charger 20W

Apple has stopped introducing power adapters with its latest iPhone and all previous models that it continues to sell officially, so if you don’t have enough at home or want to take advantage of fast charging, you need to get one that supports it, like this one. of ESR (16.99 euros 11.50 euros applying the two-euro code). It is compatible with MagSafe 15W, compact and durable. It has a USB-C connector, so it can be used with the cables that are still included in the box of the new iPhones.

CHOE 100W PD Charger

With a size somewhat larger than the previous one, this model (43.99 euros 35.19 euros) has Power Delivery 3.0 and up to 100W of power, which makes it suitable even for MacBook Pros. It allows simultaneous charging of two USB-C compatible devices (or those that have a USB-C cable at one end) at a maximum of 45W.

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