The best home automation accessories for iPhone to entertain you at home

The expansion of COVID-19 at the global level has seriously damaged the economy of all regions, in a few months we will face a great unprecedented recession. That is why many companies have decided lower the price of your products to minimize the damages of this market crisis.

So today we are going to recommend you a series of products from home automation for iPhone, ideal products to spend an entertaining time with your partner and / or family configuring and understanding their use. These products are compatible with HomeKit, so you can control the elements of your home from the screen of your iPhone and your iPad. It’s so much fun asking Siri to change the color of the living room light!

In addition, it is important to keep your head occupied so as not to go crazy in this surreal situation. And what better way to do it than with what we are most passionate about? Here is a list of home automation products that will help you control various aspects of your home such as the atmosphere, lighting, air quality or security.

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Home automation accessories for iPhone on sale only today

Smart LED Bulb

An E27 format bulb compatible with HomeKit (Siri), Alexa and Google Assistant. After its configuration, you can control its on and off from your iPhone or from your Android smartphone. As well as from smart speakers. In addition, you can establish a schedule to control its operation automatically at a specific time.

Price: € 25.99

Offer: € 15.99 (Today only)

Discount coupon: RNT6ZYWI

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Wi-Fi smart plug

Thanks to this smart plug you will have the possibility to connect any appliance in your home and control it from your smartphone. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, but it has an application for iOS in the App Store to control its operation.

Price: € 23.99

Offer: € 17.99 (Today only)

Discount coupon: NQJMRMYC

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Wi-Fi bulb holder

With this device you will have the possibility to turn on and off any bulb (E27 format) in your home from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch remote form. It is compatible with HomeKit, so you can also use the services of the Siri virtual assistant to control its operation. It is very easy to install in any lamp and you will even have the opportunity to program the light bulbs to turn on and off at a specific time, or by using your device’s location services to make the lights in your home come on when you arrive at home.

Price: € 39.99

Offer: € 29.99 (Today only)

Discount coupon: BO6UBZE6

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Security alarm system

This wonderful security system from Koogeek and Zigbee consists of different elements: a motion sensor, a door sensor, a humidity and temperature sensor, and a monitoring hub. The ideal way to keep everything under control from your iPhone.

Price: € 79.99

Offer: € 50.99 (Today only)

Discount coupon: 7D5YLQWH

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Wi-Fi scale

In full confinement in our homes, it is vitally important to carry out a daily exercise routine to keep our health intact. And what better way to do it than with a smart scale that allows you to track your weight according to your body fat, your bone mass, your metabolism rate and visceral fat. In addition, you have storage for 16 different users and control from your own application.

Price: € 55.99

Offer: € 42.99 (Today only)

Discount coupon: BDUXA2MC

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Air quality monitor

This indoor air monitoring device will let you know instantly temperature, humidity, light intensity and even decibel level of your home. It is compatible with HomeKit and has a built-in motion sensor.

Price: € 119.99

Offer: € 69.99 (Today only)

Discount coupon: NU4NXK6J

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And here ends our compilation of accessories for iPhone and iPad this week. The vast majority of these products are compatible with HomeKit, so it will make it easier for you to control it from your iPhone or iPad. In addition, these products are on sale for a limited time, so take the opportunity to acquire the gadget that has caught your attention the most. Which of these accessories is your favorite?