Summer is here, at least in the northern hemisphere, and you need your iPhone to dress up with new summer themed wallpapers. It may be one of the weirdest summers in recent years, but let nothing stop your device from looking amazing this summer at the beach.

By the way, first of all and as a warning, be careful with leaving your iPhone in the sun During the summer while you bathe in the pool or on the beach, the heat does not suit smartphones at all and precautions must be taken to avoid possible permanent damage to our iPhone.

How to download these summer backgrounds on your iPhone

To download new wallpapers of the summer that we bring you today, and that are just below, we recommend you follow these steps and download them at the highest quality, you have to take advantage of those screens:

  • Find the fund, or funds, that you like the most below.
  • On your iPhone, click on the button that says «Download at maximum quality».
  • The background will open in a new tab in Safari.
  • Hold down the screen and tap «Add to Photos».

Once downloaded, you just have to change the wallpaper on the iPhone, and we have two options. The first is to go to the Settings Select another background and choose the one you downloaded, you can put it on the lock screen or the home screen. And the second option is go to Photos app, select the downloaded wallpaper, click on the share icon on the bottom left and then on the button called Wallpaper.

The best summer wallpapers

Download at the highest quality

Download at the highest quality

Download at the highest quality

Download at maximum quality

Download at maximum quality

The most downloaded wallpapers

The collection of wallpapers that we have collected over the last few months is amazingFor both iPhone and iPad we have a selection of spectacular wallpapers of various themes, below we leave you with the backgrounds that have been liked the most:

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