The best Switch games: 50 hits for Nintendo’s console

Summer time is game time. At least recently, since there is nowhere to go without worrying about lugging home a certain pandemic pathogen. No matter how you think about it, the Switch is basically the optimal console to isolate yourself from others everywhere – at home and when traveling. A loyal companion who goes along with everything. Quarantine if necessary. You just have to like them.

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50. BioShock: Collection

Do you have to say something about this style-defining shooter series? BioShock taught a whole generation of developers that shooters can do more than straightforward “crash booms”. You can capture with interesting, twisty actions and stimulate your players with more than just well-implemented hand-eye coordination. By Infinite, the model of the half-open “gun right, superpower left” game design had admittedly run out of steam a little. But the world and the story it tells are still tough to this day. Ken Levin is no longer the only one who tells such grandiose stories, but that’s partly his own merit, I would say. The BioShock Collection is therefore a valuable history lesson in itself of modern shooter design.

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49. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

What else can I say, great: It’s Skyrim. Don’t you know Then … I just claim that you have a little something ahead of you now: go there and get this good implementation of a no longer fresh, yet no less legendary RPG! Even if the world has not stood still since then and not all of its RPG mechanisms still work today – more freedom of choice and a more original story would have been nice – it sells the country and its history more convincingly than some modern games. From its icy mountain peaks to the dim plains – those who have never seen this particularly rough piece of Cyrodiil have to make up for themselves. Take us at our word.

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48. Huntdown

I don’t know how that happened. Actually, I’m not the target group of deliberately flippant 80s tributes at all. But when a studio packs them into a nice 2D shooter in such an entertaining way, I’m often powerless. What is particularly impressive about Huntdown is that the basic process feels much more modern than, for example, with Probotector, Turrican or Gunstar Heroes. The game is slower, you take cover and even hide in hollows in the background. With invincibility frames you stay safe from attack and exploration and kick enemies against obstacles or into fire. Its combat dynamics are based more on newer shooter standards. Just things that the action genre only acquired in the more recent 3D era. The rest is a pretty extensive ball spectacle that has its level of difficulty under control and its presentation is more than just convincing. What a nice surprise the Swedes from Easy Trigger Games served us here.

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47. Steamworld Quest

The games of the Steamworld series are hopefully not just an insider tip for you! Not only is every single entry in the series above all doubt, the series also regularly changes genre without any trouble, slips into platformer costume just as easily as it sneaks into tactical rules. Now it is trying out the corset of a card-based role-playing game. And that works great. The central focal point, however, are the heartwarming animated robots that populate this world. Quest first appeared on the Nintendo Switch and it may be a while before the rest of the platforms are served. So get started here, because this kind of picturesque RPG does best in handheld hybrid format anyway.

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46. ​​Axiom Verge

Unfortunately, we have to wait a while for the next real Metroid. Fortunately, if you want to shorten this waiting time, you have many alternative options. For example with Axiom Verge, which takes you into a strange, futuristic world! The game developed, designed and set to music by just one man is perhaps the best Metroidvania currently available, if you take the term very carefully. Somewhere between 8- and 16-bit, the lost scientist Trace shoots his way through a world beyond the human mind, sometimes using extremely interesting tools, such as a weapon that destroys the program code of opponents, which are then only displayed incorrectly in the game. The soundtrack is terrific, the structure of the world well-structured (and provided with some hellishly well-hidden secret rooms). And anyway, one always has the impression that this universe would rather keep its greatest secrets to itself. Fascinatingly strange and a modern classic.

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45. Owlboy

Developing this game was like an odyssey. The Norwegians from D-Pad Studio worked on the cute Owlboy for almost ten years. It didn’t harm the game. But on the contrary. You can tell how many great ideas and detailed ideas are in every single hand-pixelated screen. As the first Metroidvania with a character who effortlessly soars into the air and also explores the world in height and depth, the owl boy brought a lot of fresh air to the genre for the first time in 2016. The original concept is rounded off by nice (and mean) supporting characters and an excitingly designed, broken world through which one likes to flutter. Another case of an indie title that would have entered the ring with the genre giants in the days of Super Nintendo and would have done well.

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44. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee

In case you haven’t heard of this yet: These two refreshing games reissue the 20 year old original with a new approach and achieve a completely new catchiness. At the same time, it retains the spark of magic from the old games, even if critics find the general process too shallow and the movement controls are not always convincing. It doesn’t bother fans of the originals, however, as they experience these classics in a new splendor that casts a completely different light on familiar lands. A special kind of remake that you don’t see every day.

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43. Children of Morta

Children of Morta is a wonderfully picturesque pixel-action-RPG with moderate procedurally generated elements and a very atmospheric narration between your individual trips to the nice dungeons. Since it was first released, the game has even had some substantial updates that make it even better. Among other things, a challenge mode and a new character. What is the real highlight of the title? Every playable character is a member of the Bergsons’ extended family, belongs more or less to a different character class and plays fundamentally differently. Especially for two, it is therefore fun to use these characters and their interesting and entertaining fighting skills to shed light on the corruption that has attacked Mount Morta. This is one of the good guys! Take a look at it urgently.

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42. Ashen

Before Ashen, there wasn’t a single “real” Soulslike on the Nintendo Switch – as long as one assumes that the game should be in 3D and be played from the third-person perspective for classification in this category. Overall, Ashen is certainly not quite of the same caliber as From Software’s output. But in terms of play it is definitely very competent and, above all, despite the playful similarities, it has a wonderfully peculiar identity. The stylized graphics with the fabulous light effects, the melancholy landscape and a score to kneel down create a world into which one likes to feel one’s way with fearful feet. At the same time, the combat system is catchy and never complicated, but always deep enough. Building your own camp by helping your friends is a wonderful twist. And returning there after a difficult quest is always balm for the soul, especially because it is one of the most beautiful pieces of music in recent gaming past (it’s actually one of my favorite soundtracks). Like everything that Annapurna has published in recent years, the verdict here is: Give this game a chance!

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41. Celeste

Since Super Meat Boy some have called this kind of jump and run – only half jokingly – “Splatformer” because it “splashes” quickly and you have to try a section again. Celeste isn’t as fast as Team Meat’s bouncing legend, but the challenge isn’t any less crisp. At the same time, the game by TowerFall developer Matt Make Games is also very touching on the plot level, as very personal topics are taken up and dealt with sensitively in the course of the adventure. An adventure as a mirror of a personal journey – on the way to dealing with one’s inner demons. Very strong and absolutely recommendable, this elegant, little pixel work of art!

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