According to the head of the publisher, Google has greatly overestimated what they can do with streaming technology, thereby misleading a lot of people.

Google Stadia’s start wasn’t too bright, to put it mildly, and much of the company’s promises haven’t materialized to this day. It is not known where an error slipped into Google’s calculations, but with their irresponsible eloquence, a good few people were misled not only by users but also by publishers. The CEO of Take-Two recently criticized the service for this very reason.

Strauss Zelnick spoke at a conference that they themselves were disappointed in Stadia, even though they had high hopes for the success of streaming:

“Stadia’s launch was slow. I think we could hear some unfulfilled promises, which resulted in a good few disappointed users.”

He said they supported Google’s service to broaden their user base, including making their three hit games (Red Dead Redemption II, Borderlands 3, NBA 2K20) available to them. However, seeing the start, it became apparent to them that the concept and business model on which Stadia would have built its success was quite a measure of what exactly the players wanted.

“The idea that streaming will be dominant was based on the view that there are plenty of people who are really interested in interactive entertainment, really want to pay for it, but because of that they don’t want to buy a console. I don’t see that assumption proved the truth. “

He added that they still believe that streaming video games will become the dominant factor in the future, but do not yet feel profitable with this technology and subscription business model.

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