These wonderful moments will no longer disappear in time like tears in the rain.

One of the gems of the 1990s was Westwood’s 1997 adventure game, Blade Runner, which ran parallel to the story of the original film. For a long time, the project was impossible to run on modern operating systems, but this summer, the ScummVM team announced that they were working to solve the problem. We had to wait until this time for grinding and testing.

The deprivation is over, the Winged Bounty Hunter game is now digitally available on GOG, thanks to ScummVM’s efforts. It also runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems, and is also available for Mac and Linux to make everyone’s happiness complete. And the timing is surprisingly accurate, as November 2019 was the month the film’s event takes place.

Anyway, it’s worth looking up at GOG as the winter discount has recently started.

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