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The closing season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is almost perfect, we wiped away our tears at the finals

The closing season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is almost perfect, we wiped away our tears at the finals

From the seventh season of The Clone Wars, we finally learned exactly how the fate of Ahsoka Tano, Darth Maul, or just Rex unfolded during this turbulent period in the history of the galaxy. But what was the closing of the series like?

A few years ago, not even the most optimistic Star Wars fans dared to hope that Star Wars: The Clone Wars could continue. After Disney bought the Lucas movie, we still got the shortened sixth season in 2014, titled The Lost Missions, but then it seemed like the song was really over. Yet there were just enough of the plans even then, and even several threads of stories leaked in rudimentary animation. Some of these later became a separate novel (Christie Golden: Dark Disciple), and The Clone Wars ’most lovable new hero, Ahsoka Tano, also got her own written adventure over time. Well, the 2016 Ahsoka novel is better for you to forget.

The finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars has now somewhat rewritten history, and in spite of Lucasfilm’s heads declaring that in the new canon the history of all films, series, books, and video games forms a large organic whole and is considered scripture, now they have changed a bit. plot. Therefore, of course, it would be a pity to be angry, as EK Johnston’s mentioned novel only partially deals with the events told in the seventh season, and we can only rejoice that Dave Filoni and his guard because they change things. But let’s not run so far ahead.

Before the seventh season, of course, it can’t hurt to have a little quick start

The seventh season can be divided into three major chapters, and the first of these we got a clone history. Here we got to know a weird guard called Bad Batch. These mutated clones have a selection of special abilities, real tough bachelors, but of course Rex doesn’t have to be ashamed of them for a single minute. Although their adventure together was not overwhelmingly exciting, it served as a good introduction to the siege of Mandalore, after all, everyone knew that the threads would run together here, but it didn’t hurt to devote some time to the actors who have been at least as much to our hearts over the years. they grew up like Obi-Wan, Anakin, or just Ahsoka.

They are nothing but clones that look exactly the same on the outside (okay, a few refute it with a couple of tattoos), yet have their own personalities who, although they were just treadmill-filled fillings for war, often showed more emotion than Jedi or separatists. Among other things, the importance of The Clone Wars over the years was that it was able to deepen the Clone Army, and the first four episodes of the last season became a real school example.

But I’m already a little in trouble with the next four parts. On the one hand, it was a joy to finally see Tans Ahsoka again, and on the other hand, unfortunately, I already felt like a waste of time here that we had not finally arrived at the legendary siege of the planet Mandalore or the issuance of the infamous Command 66. Ahsoka’s new buddies, Trace and Rafa, can’t be called a memorable character at all, in fact, in a single episode, it would have been possible to summarize what they started offering here like Grandma’s favorite strudel dough. In the end, however, it just happened that couple of important moments that kicked us to that particular Mandalore.

And the last four parts are now clearly starring Ahsoka Tano and Darth Maul, and perhaps even Rex. The siege thread of Mandalore can be considered the culmination of the whole series in both storytelling and animation, and it is not your fault at all to stare at the clash of Ahsoka and Maul with childish enthusiasm and sparkling eyes, which became so spectacular because Ray Park is once again in motion capture clothes for these scenes – you know, he played Mault in Ominous Shadows as well.

The writers managed to add more layers to Maul’s already complex character, and from Ahsoka’s point of view, it became even clearer what the problem was with the Jedi Order, which was no longer as blameless as it was in the old days. Personally, I was particularly pleased that it wasn’t the siege itself that ended the full story, but the writers left two more episodes of the 66th Commandment and its aftermath (it was heartbreaking to see clones turning against Ahsoka wearing the helmet because of the inhibitor chip). even the sign of the former Jedi, yet they could not resist the command), and in the last series of images we jumped a lot ahead of time, giving us one of the most touching scenes in the entire Star Wars canon – without spoilers, let’s stay that far for now.

I would have liked to have seen the story of the Dark Disciple in the seventh season, but on the one hand it would have had to postpone the season by eight more parts, and on the other hand I understand why it is not a good idea to retell a story that has been released one by one in a novel. I also missed Crystal Crisis on Utapau, which we could already see in rudimentary animation thanks to the leaked material, but if we were here, I could even cry that Son of Dathomir was great to read as a comic, but how much better it would have been to see the series.

Insatiability, on the other hand, is not a good advisor. I’m terribly grateful for this 12 episodes (yes, even for the four I was a little bored in the middle of the season), Star Wars: The Clone Wars has made a big, complete whole thanks to these. Its closing is better than anything that has happened to Star Wars in recent years.

I can only hope that the rumors that he says are true Dave Filoni is working on a new animated series that takes the story of Rebels forward – there after that, Ahsoka and Sabine Wren set off look for Ezra Bridger and I want to see this story too.